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Blood cells are a part of blood. Blood is not a part of blood cells. Blood can't flow backward and forward within blood cells. Blood cells can flow backward and forward within blood.

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It cna either allow blood to flow backwards or block the flow of blood forwards depending on the type of block.

The heart, the heart pumps the blood so it wouldn't let the blood flow backwards.

Damaged heart valves may allow blood to flow backwards, or may obstruct the forward flow of blood.

Blood veins have valves that prevent blood from flowing backwards.

They are the shape that they are to fit the vessel that they are between. This permits a tight fit so that when the heart beats, blood flow doesn't go backwards but only forwards.

Veins are fitted with one-way valves - that close if the blood tries to flow backwards.

If the mitral valve prolapses, the blood may flow backwards into the left atrium.

enforce a one way blood flow through the heart chambersthe valves prevent the blood from going backwards. they keep the blood flowing forwards! we just dissected a heart in science today so i know for sure thats what they do :)

Blood vessels cant flow backwards because there is other blood forcing it to move forward. This is propelled by the heart, which is like a pump, and pushes blood around the body until it reaches the heart again. The only way blood could flow backwards was if the heart stopped.

blood flows into the veins quiet slowly as they are much wider compared to the flow of blood in the arteries which are rather narrow.because of the low pressure of blood on the flow inside the veins there are great possibilities that the blood is likely to flow backwards which may cause complications in the flow of prevent this from happening the veins contain valves that stop the back flow of blood

Because the heart is designed to pump forward and the vascular system has valves that stop blood from moving backwards.

The difference between AC and DC has to do with the direction in which the electrons flow. In DC, the electrons flow steadily in a single direction ("forwards"). In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going "forwards" and then going "backwards."

Blood doesn't flow through your cell but there are blood cells flowing through your body.

These are valves, and are found in veins to prevent blood from flowing backwards.

Heart valves control the flow of blood into, out of, and within the chambers of the heart. The main function is to let blood flow in one direction only, ensuring that blood does not flow backwards.

In the heart/arteries, the Aortic valve prevents blood from flowing backwards. In the systemic veins, eustachean valves prevent the backwards flow of blood.

Materials needed by the cells move from the blood into the cells, and waste materials move from the cells into the blood.

We have valves that prevent the backward flow.

It is important for blood to flow in one direction in the heart because blood can't flow backwards because it has oxygen rich blood and poor oxygen rich blood and these to types of blood cannot mix :)

No, pressure controls the flow of blood from the atria to the ventricles. The valves just prevents the blood from flowing backwards.

A heart valve stops the flow of blood backwards when the heart muscle pulses. Without the valve there would be no direction to the flow of the blood.

this will upset the ratio of plasma and cells, and blood will be thick.

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