Cable modem from Cox and you have a wireless router how do you connect your router to the modem so you can use your computer and xbox?

To get "wireless" access from a cable modem, you will need a wireless router in addition to the cable modem.

Wireless routers are made by Linksys, and a number of other vendors.


1. Plug the coax cable from the wall into your modem. (this is the "live" internet connection now powering your modem. The modem is now "live")

2. Run the ethernet cable from your modem into your wireless router. (this router is now "live")

3. Run the ethernet cable from the wireless router into your PC. (the PC is now "live")

You are basically looping the modem into the router, and the router to your PC, instead of going directly from the modem into the PC. The benefit of looping the wireless router in between the Modem and the PC is so that the wireless router can get a live internet signal and broadcast a "wireless" signal to your home and surrounding 100 foot area.

The reason you loop the ethernet cable from the wireless router (in step #2) back into your PC is so that the PC can get the internet connection. Most PC's don't have a wireless "receiver" to receive the wireless signal, and require a direct input from an ethernet cable.

Most laptops have wireless ("receivers" aka: modems) and can receive the signal from the wireless router (which is now actively receiving and broadcasting the signal) which we connected in step #2.

The concept is very similar to your home telephone with a wireless handset. The phone line runs into the base station, and you can walk around your home with a wireless phone. This is the same with your laptop, and the wireless router is just like the base station of your phone.