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yes. if the dad has 1 recessive blue gene and 1 dominant brown gene then he can either pass on the blue gene or the brown gene.

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Can a brown eyed dad and a blue eyed mom make a blue eyed baby?

yes, only 2 blue eyed people can only have a blue eyed baby, this will not change ever! where as 2 brown eyed people can also have a blue eyed baby, but for 2 blue eyed people to have a brown eyed baby is impossible!

Can a brown eyed and green eyed parents make a blue eyed baby?

yes, if the they have the blue eyed trait in their genes

Can a brown eyed woman and a brown eyed man make a blue eyed baby?

I'm not quite sure how to explain the answer fully but yes it is possible. I remember from biology and also my boyfriend has blue eyes and both of his parents have brown eyes. - Yes, a brown eyed woman and a brown eyed man can make a blue eyed baby. You see, as long as both of the parents are holding a 'recessive' blue-eyed trait (that they are not showing in their phenotype). There is a 1/4 chance that the child be blue eyed.

Can two parents with blue eyes have a child with brown eyes?

Two blue eyed parents cannot have a brown eyed baby. Parents with blue eyes can only make a blue eyed baby because they both carry the recessive gene.

Can a blue eyed man and a blue eyed woman make a brown eyed baby?

yes it can if both have a recessive trait for brown eyes which is unlikely because brown eyes is dominant gene. Blue eyes are the recessive trait so when a baby is born with blue it has blue eye genes from both parents. but if the parent has a partial gens for brown eyes there is a chance to have a baby with brown eyes.

Can 2 brown eyed parents make blue eyed baby?

It is possible if both brown eyed parents have a recessive blue eye allele. In that case, there is a 25% chance that their offspring will express blue eyes.

Can two blue eyed people make a brown eyed baby?

if one of their relatives ,close or distant had, has, or carried the trait of brown eyes

Can a green eyed mom and a brown eyed dad make a blue eyed baby?

yeah probably cuz my dad has brown eyes and my mom has green eyes and my lil brother has really blue eyes, i have brown :(

Father is brown eyed black hair mother blue eyed blond what should baby be?

If it's a boy, the baby would be brown eyed blond. If it's a girl, she would be blue eyed black hair. She would be very beautiful with that genetic make up.

Can a brown eyed mom and a blue eyed dad make a blue eyed baby?

it depends on if the Brown Eyes (brown eyes is a Dominate Trait) is homozygous (pure) or heterozygous (hybrid [two different alleles]) brown. If the mom is homozygous, then there is no chance, all will be hybrid brown eyed. If the mom is hybrid, then there is a 1/4 chance.

Can a brown eyed mother and blue eyed father make a blue eyed baby?

Absolutely. My mother has blue eyes, my father green eyes, my older sister inherited my father's green eyes and I have blue ones like my mom.

Can a blue eyed man and a brown eyed woman make a blue eyed baby?

Yes. The woman can be heterogeneous non-blue. That means she carries a blue eyed gene and a non-blue eyed gene. The blue eyed is normally recessive so he carries both blue eye genes and doesn't carry a non-blue gene.If two blue eyed parents have a child then the child will be blue eyed.

Can a blue eyed man and a brown eyed woman make a blue eyed kid?

Yes, because if a blue-eyed man is BB or Bb, meaning the B is blue-eyed and dominant, and the b is brown-eyed and recessive, marries a woman who is bb, or has brown-eyes, the children could be either all blue-eyed if the man was BB, or 50% are blue-eyed if the man is Bb.

Can 2 blue eyed parents make a brown eyed baby?

It is uncommon for a baby to be born with brown eyes. Almost all babies have blue eyes because the iris has not yet made brown pigment (called melanin) that colors the iris. It is, however, common for babies to have blue eyes at 2 weeks. Usually, the iris doesn't make enough melanin until about 3 years of age. In other words, genetically, it is very well possible to have a baby that eventually will become brown eyed, or even green eyed, even a very rare combination of brown and blue on each individual eye is possible. Whilst the text so far is all correct, it is only uncommon but not unheard of for two blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed baby from birth. It is a fascinating subject. read more at : related link down below.

Can hazel green eyes and blue eyes make a brown eyed baby?

Yes. Hazel is either a green eye with brown in it, or a brown eye with green in it.

Can a brown eyed man and blue eyed woman conceive a blue eyed child?

Yes, Brown eyes are a dominant trait. However, people with brown eyes can still carry a blue eyed gene. To make it simple, if a brown eyed person is carrying a blue eyed gene, it would be represented by B (brown), b (blue). Since blue eyes are the receissive gene, a blue eyed person would need both blue genes and be represented by b (blue) b (blue). There would be a 50% chance of a blue eyed offspring.

Can hazel eyes and blue eyes make a brown eyed baby?

Hazel is a form of brown eyes. Brown eyes are a dominant gene, blue are recessive. The person with the hazel eyes has a brown eyed blood realitive and will carry the gene to create a brown eyed child. Hope this helps you. If you are still concerned, there is always DNA tests.

Can brown eyes and blue eyes make a hazel eyed baby?

Yes, it happened with my dad. His dad had blue eyes and his mom has brown eyes and he ended up with hazel.

Can 2 blue eyed people make a brown eyed baby?

Yes, two blue eyed people can produce brown eyed offspring, this usually occurs because there is a brown eyed family member which is directly related, eg. grandparent or great-grandparent, due to the fact that the genes are still in the family even if they lie dormant and skip a generation or two.

Can 2 brown eyed people make a hazel eyed baby?

Yes my husband AMD I both have brown eyes and had 2hazel eyed children

Can blue eyes and blue eyes make a brown eyed baby?

Yes, since the parents of the blue eyes could have had brown and blue or a different colour, so then the trait would be carried on. Brown is dominant, that's why it is the most popular colour.

Can a brown eyed woman and brown eyed man make a blue eyed child?

Yes, as long as one of their Grandparents/ Great Grandparents has blue eyes. If both pairs of Grandparents have brown eyes then it is VERY unlikely :)

Can two brown eyes parents make a blue eyed baby?

Yes asuming they are white, the probability goes up or down depending how common it is in their ethnick group. So it would be more probable for two brown eyed parents from Serbia to get blue eyed children than to Egiptian parents but less probable than to two brown eyed Norwegian parents.

Can a blue eyed mom and a green eyed dad make a brown eyed baby?

It all depends on if the mom or dad carry a trait for brown eyes. It is possible to happen, though. They will most likely have blued eyed kids (because blue is a dominant color) but set up a punnet square to figure the exact offspring.

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