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There are 2 ways to get your Texas Hunter Education Certificate: (1) you can take the 2 day field course that will take roughly 14 hrs of your time. It costs about $15 and involves splitting time between the classroom and the field. Alternatively, (2) you can take an on-line hunter safety prep course (Hunter Exam has the best one right now) and at the end of it, you get a voucher saying that you've taken the course and then you book a 4 hr field course somewhere locally which usually involves a brief review and then the exam.

I would say the field course is for the people who have no experience in hunting and have the entire weekend to dedicate to learning but the on-line route is better for those that don't have the full weekend to dedicate to this and already have some experience in hunting.

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Q: Can help me get my Texas hunter safety certificate?
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