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A claim for emotional distress needs to be related to an action that would cause much more distress than mere incompetence. Plus, the government has sovereign immunity. Tort claims against the government require much more paperwork than a lawsuit against a private party. The answer in short, almost definitely no, you cannot. You can write your elected representatives however.

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Q: Can I claim against a government agency for incompetence causing me emotional distress?
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Can you file a lawsuit against a stanger or aquaintance who insulted you and your two-year child?

No, unless you can sufficiently demonstrate that it caused "severe emotional distress."

Can you sue a university for emotional distress?

It would depend on what type of emotional stress you have been under at the university and if you feel you have a good case against them then you should find a lawyer to represent you because suing for emotional stress can be a hard case to win in a court of law.

List the main intentional torts against people and property?

Assault and battery, false improsonment, defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress. - EBZY SWANKY. Binet

Can you sue a past employee for loss business income due to his incompetence?

Short answer, NO! Unless you can prove malice aforethought, or a conspiracy, simple incompetence is not grounds for a lawsuit against an ex-employee. If it were so, the US auto industry would not need the government to get help, they could just sue the employees making the cars of the 70s and 80s.

Can you have someone arrested in Mexico for bigamy?

Yes you can. My husband left me to go to Mexico and married a 12 year old child there. Call the Mexican Consule. The laws against bigamy and emotional distress are the same in Mexico as the United States.

How do you deal with ex wife whom uses their child as an emotional weapon against you?

I note you say "their" child and not "your" child. If the child is not yours how can it be used as an emotional weapon against you , it is not related to you.

Do people in kenya have a say against the government?

They do have a say against the government

Kind of case generated by offenses against individuals or society?

It depends on the kind of offense? If it is considered a "public offense" which you can query into that for a description, it is a criminal matter. If it is a emotional issue, or a reputation injury like Slander or Libel or Intentional infliction of emotional distress, it is a Tort Crime which is a Civil matter. Also worthy to mention the criminal matter can also have Civil implications as well.

Is obsession against the law?

No. Obsession is not illegal it is a mental/emotional condition.

Pardon for crimes against government?

A pardon for crimes against the government is known as amnesty.

Was declaring war against Britain essentially an emotional and irrational outburst?


What does coerced mean?

Forced against your will, by either physical, psychological, or emotional means.

Can a wife sue the other woman for emotional distress in New York?

Yes, it is a universal practice for a person to file a civil case against another regardless of state. However it doesn't mean you have a good chance of winning. The best bet would be to file for Mental distress however it would be most likley dismissed. If you took it to small claims court it would just be the two women without lawyers.

What is a anti-government protests?

A protest against a government or the government's ideas.

What happens when an officer makes an arrest without just cause?

An example of a wrongful arrest would be a retail employee or owner holding a customer against their wil with only probable cause, and the police arresting them with only their word against the customer's. People involved in a wrongful arrest case may file a lawsuit against the arresting officer, the police department, or township for damages-emotional or mental distress and embarrassment

How is the government protecting people against cyber crime?

How is the government protecting people against cyber crime?

What are the types of personal conflict?

Against habit, behavier or emotional person has personal confilict

How could a person seek judgment against the government?

A person could seek a judgement against the government in the same fashion they would see judgement against anyone else. A file would be made against the government or government faction and be taken up in a court of law.

Why was the British government against labor?

Why not

What is a rebellion against the government?

This is a revolution.

What is a fight against the government?


Is speaking against the government against the law?

Not in the United States we are protected by the First Amendment which gives us freedom of speech. However it is against the law to make threats against the government.

What would be the income tax ramifications of a damages award of 2875000 broken down as follows Medical expenses 125000 Emotional Distress 500000 and Punitive Damages 2250000 and 3rd going to atty fee?

These can always be a bit touchy and circumstantial, but it would seem: Medical - not taxable reimbursement up to the amount of actual costs you incurred AND didn't already take as a deduction for taxes (if you previously reported these medical expenses for tax, then your recovery of that is entirely taxable). Punitive: absolutely taxable. Emotional distress: Hard to call really...probably taxable, but cases have been made, where costs and such can be directly linked to the emotional distress, that it is reimbursement for loss and not taxable. That there is also a medical portion of the award - seemingly intended to cover for the expense of emotional distress too - would seem to imply its a taxable compensation for it. How attorney fees are handled can be very tricky....and your attorney should advise you on this. It can depend on your agreement with him and if his payment is from proceeds you receive or from proceeds before, etc. Interestingly, they may NOT always be deductible or nettable against what you receive as taxable...certinaly some portion has to be attrivuted to the non taxable payment - which may mean you get a tax loss where you would have had a recovery. Clear as mud?

What does antidisestablishmentarinism mean?

Anitdisetablishmentarinism: People who are against People who are against the government.

What is a fight against a government?

A fight against the government can come in several forms. A couple of these forms are, a petition, a rally, or a protest.