Can I substitute vegetable oil for margarine?

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To replace one cup of margarine one may use 1 cup shortening plus 1/2 teaspoon salt OR 1 cup butter OR 7/8 cup vegetable oil plus 1/2 teaspoon salt OR 7/8 cup lard plus 1/2 teaspoon salt.
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Can one substitute oil for margarine in cookies?

Answer . The final taste of the cookies depends on the actual margarine being used. The solidifying of the cookie dough may not be the same with altered ingredients.. The only successful ingredient change I know that has no ill effects on baking, is the direct substitution of applesauce for liq ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil?

Yes, you can substitute olive oil for vegetable oil, but not for all dishes. Olive oil has a strong taste. You would probably not want to use olive oil in most Indian cooking and definitely not in baking. Make sure that the taste of olive oil is compatible with your other ingredients.

What is a substitute for vegetable oil?

I personally substitute vegetable oil with canola oil. It is low in saturated fat and healthier for you. Some canola oils also contain omega 3, which many doctors recommend to their patients. *** Any other oil, corn, canola , olive , can be used as a substitute.( Even melted margarine or butter wi ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute apple sauce for oil butter or margarine in a recipe?

It's might be better to substitute oils, butter and margarine with applesauce in oil-based baked goods like muffins and breads, or moist cakes. Substitute applesauce one for one with the oil, and it helps to add in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil. They say a little oil goes a long way in contributing to ( Full Answer )

Is corn syrup a substitute for vegetable oil?

Not really. Corn syrup is a sweetner, and it is produced after corn oil is removed from the corn. Corn or vegetable oil is actually oil, and it is different from sugars.

Can butter substituted for vegetable oil?

It depends on what the oil was for. If it is a recipe, especially for baking, you can use butter as substitute for oil. It is not recommended to substitute butter to fry something because it tends to burn in a hot pan, you should use oil to fry. Yes is can! Just don't use as much oil as butter. B ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute butter for vegetable oil in a cake?

Yes, you can substitute butter for vegetable oil in a cake mix. If you use butter, don't use the entire amount of liquid which is called for. You can just kind of guess at how much liquid to remove, or you can carefully calculate the number of liquid ounces of butter that you've added, compare that ( Full Answer )

Can you replace vegetable oil with margarine in a carrot cake?

it won't work (at least it didn't work for me), the cake came out with a horrible texture... it looks more like a souffle, i bake some cupcakes and they are sooooooo heavy am guessing the margarine behaives different than oil

Which is healthier for you Margarine Butter vegetable oil organic butter?

margarine is the worst, its actually grey in colour and they have coloured it yellow to look like butter. . All naturally produced fats are needed by the body and they are all good in moderation, and in a fully balanced diet. . Vegetable oil is used in a lot of everyday products so you should not ( Full Answer )

What is a substitute for margarine?

regular butter For frying, you may use any oil (Canola, olive, vegetable etc.), butter, or spays such as Pam, in fat free cooking a bit of water, or broth will work. -use lower temperature and watch your dish carefully. In baking substitution is a bit trickier. There are ways to convert a rec ( Full Answer )

Is there a substitution for vegetable oil?

Any neutral-tasting oil can be substituted; canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, etc. If you want a richer taste (and more saturated fat), you can try clarified butter (ghee), depending on the dish.

What process is used to produce vegetable oil margarine?

Margarine is produced by emulsification of skim milk into vegetable oil. It is done by adding monoglycerides and diglycerides (which are emulsifiers) to the mixture of oil and water. The mixture is then mixed very rapidly, and cooled at the same time. At the end, the vegetable oil will solidify part ( Full Answer )

Can margarine be a substitute for oil?

Yes margarine can be used as a susitute for oil. Be aware that some Margarine is whipped up, putting tiny air bubbles in it .... this is meant to make it creamier. If it is whipped then you need to melt the margarine to get the right measurment.

Can vegetable oil be substituted for butter in baking?

No. In many baking recipes, a combination of butter and sugar provides a solid base. Once the batter is baked, the butter melts over time and is spread evenly throughout the goods. Using melted butter or liquid oils will weigh down your batter and cause the bottoms of your goods to be greasy and/or ( Full Answer )

Can vegetable oil be substituted for melted shortening?

It depends on the recipe. Shortening becomes solid at room temperature while vegetable oil does not. So vegetable oil may be substituted for melted shortening only in recipes that do not depend on shortening becoming solid for texture when cooled.

Can oil substitute for margarine?

Only in some recipes. Other recipes require a solid fat such as margarine, butter, lard or shortening.

Can you substitute margarine for olive oil?

Sometimes. If you plan to fry with it it should work. You can't make salad dressings with margarine but olive oil is usually used for dressing. So it won't always work.

Can you substitute yogurt for vegetable oil in a recipe?

A variety of alternate ingredients that can be used instead of oil or butter in the preparation of foods. Substitute products exist with reduced fat and no fat and in different forms such as spreadable and liquid. Fruit purees or applesauce can be used as oil substitutes for baking purposes. Add ski ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute shortening for vegetable oil in a cake?

um no you definitely cant. the oil is there to help the cake get more moist. the shortening will make it super dense and that's not good in a cake. also, i wont cook properly. i wouldn't if i were you.

Can you substitute corn syrup for vegetable oil?

I'm no expert, but syrup and oil and two very different ingredients in nature, so you probably couldn't substitute them for each other without some 'interesting' outcomes... stick to the vegetable oils; canola, olive etc.

Can you substitute canoli for vegetable oil?

Vinegar is an acetic acid solution in (5-9 %). For non-distilled vinegars (cider vinegar, wine vinegar, malt vinegar, balsamic vinegar, etc.), other compounds will be present; these are what give the vinegar its particular http://wiki ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute vegetable oil for golden syrup?

No. While they look similar, vegetable oil and golden syrup are not the same kind of ingredient (golden syrup is a sweetener), and substituting one for the other will not work.

What is added to vegetable oil to make it margarine?

Typically, vegetable oil is made into margarine by the process of hydrogenation. This process alters the molecules of vegetable oil to make it into a more highly "saturated" fat by passing hydrogen through it. This process chemically alters the vegetable oil so that it's thicker and will hold its s ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute coconut oil for vegetable oil?

It depends on the recipe. If the recipe requires a large proportion of vegetable oil and you're hoping to substitute it with coconut oil it is not a good idea since coconut oil has a distinctive taste which will overpower the whole dish. Generally, it is a good idea to substitute vegetable oil with ( Full Answer )