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You will only know if you try it.

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Q: Can I wear skinny jeans when wearing a pad?
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Can you wear skinny jeans and pads without anyone noticing you're on your period?

Well it depends on how tight the jeans are. if their super tight i would recommend you wear them with a tampon at least because people can see the bulge.. But if you want to you can. loos fitting type of skinny jeans are totally fine with a pad or tampon! ;D hope this helps ^-^

You are wearing a thong and need a pad?

I would say don't wear 1

What clothes does Maya Angelou wear?

if shes 15 shes wearing a pad

How can I tell if a girl is wearing a pad?


Can you wear a pad while swimming if you have underwear on?

Yeah, you can wear a pad while swimming. But I recommend wearing two bikini bottoms, because your underwear will become more loose in the water. So just wear two tight bikini bottoms, and board shorts. Then you're set :)

Can you see a pad through jeans?

No you shouldn't be able to tell unless it is bulky or jeans too tight

Can you tell me how a pad feel's like?

I'm wearing a pad for the 1st time and it feels like I'm wearing 3 oairs of underwear.

How does wearing a maxi pad feel?

like wearing a diaper and you are like babyish

What to do if you have your period and have to swim?

You should wear a tampon instead of a pad. Also consider wearing a darker colored swim suit so it won't show.

How do i replace brake pad sensor on a 2003 BMW 325i?

Carefully pry pad wear sensor from brake pad. Then insert brake pad wear sensor into cutout in new pad where applicable.

Why do girls where knickers?

Well, think about periods. How could you wear a pad? Also if you are wearing a skirt in windy weather. Would you like to see a girls bottom?

How do you wear a sanitary pad?

To wear a sanitary pad, remove the back and place it inside the undergarment. It should sit on the middle.

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