Can you see a pad through jeans?

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No you shouldn't be able to tell unless it is bulky or jeans too tight

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Q: Can you see a pad through jeans?
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Can you see a thong through jeans?

Most jeans will not show a thong. However, some light colored jeans may show the thong.

Can you see through the white Levi's Men's 501 Jeans, like underware outlines?

The white Levi's Men's 501 Jeans are made of white denim, so you can't see through them at all.

Can I wear skinny jeans when wearing a pad?

You will only know if you try it.

Can you tell if some one is wear a thong with jeans or sweatpants and can u see a thong though those pants?

It depends upon the color of the jeans and sweatpants someone is wearing as to whether or not you can see if they are wearing a thong through those pants. If they are wearing white jeans or sweatpants, you may be able to see the thong through the clothing. If the clothing is dark colored, generally speaking you wouldn't see the thong through them.

Can you leave your tampon in overnight?

NO! Do not leave it in! If you must you could leave it and put a pad on to see if you bleed through it, but you probably will bleed through

Who makes jeans for men with extra material in the knees?

Kevlar jeans with knee pad are there in market but best is to get trendy leather patch stiched at proper point

Can vaginal discharge soak through underwear and jeans?

Underwear but not jeans.

Can you wear skinny jeans and pads without anyone noticing you're on your period?

Well it depends on how tight the jeans are. if their super tight i would recommend you wear them with a tampon at least because people can see the bulge.. But if you want to you can. loos fitting type of skinny jeans are totally fine with a pad or tampon! ;D hope this helps ^-^

How much weight can you tow from bumper with 2009 Silverado 1500 2x4?

If you look at the black pad that is on the bumber where the ball goes through it. You will see where it is written in the pad and it will tell you what it will handle.

What kind of jeans are straight through the thigh and slim through the leg and come in tall sizes?

skinny jeans

What are straight legs jeans?

The jeans that is not narrow bottom or bell bottom is straight legs jeans which is straight through out

Can you get pregnant if your wearing thin shorts but he has jeans on?

No. Sperms can not travel through jeans and your pants.

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