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They can eat meat. They can eat any type of meat besides pig and certain birds. But, the animals have to be cut a certain way. Since there are two types of Muslims: one can eat no meat at all and the other can eat any type of meat besides pig and certain birds. But, the animals have to be cut a certain way to be eaten by this type I'm talking about.

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Q: Can Islam Religion People Eat Meat?
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Do Turkish Muslim's eat meat on Friday?

yes, they eat meat on Fridays for sure. Nothing per Islam religion prohibits Muslims from eating meat on Fridays.

Are Muslims allowed to touch non halal meat?

The rule per Islam religion is not to eat non halal meat.

What people eat in Islam?

Islam isn't a place. People who practice Islam eat meat, fish, milk, cheese and fruit as well as other foods.

What do people in Pakistan in eat?

vegetable's, meat ,white meat and all the things which are halal in Islam

Do people who practice Islam eat meat?

as long as its Halal and meat we are permitted to eat definatly no pork or products with pork in them

What kind of food do people in Islam eat?

Islam is a religion, not a country, so that would differ by region; however, most of them do not eat meats.

What religion do not eat pork?


What is haram to eat?

It is haram to eat Pork, to eat meat of dead animals, to drink bolld, to eat meat of non slaughtered animals per Islam religion, to eat from meat sacrficed to other than Allah (God in English). to eat meat of wild animals and/or birds. Refer to question below for more information.

What religion will not eat meat?


Are Nepalase people vegetarian?

no only few people from some specific religion dont eat meat

Why don't Swahili people eat pork?

The people follow the Sunni religion of Islam, pork is a forbidden food

What religion can't eat meat?

None.But there are Religions that cant eat certain kinds of meatMuslim People and Jewish People cannot eat hamHindu People cannot eat meat at all it is against their custom

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