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Can Levofloxacin go well with alcohol?

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Levofloxacin does not react with alcohol. But alohol does weaken your liver and can lead to a loger recovery time so alcohol should be avoided but it will not harm you if you drink a little.

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Can you drink alcohol while taking a 3 day dose of levofloxacin?


Does levofloxacin cure chlamydia?

Yes, levofloxacin (brand name Levaquin) will probably cure chlamydia. There are less-expensive alternatives available that work at least as well.

Can you take Levofloxacin and gravol together?

can i take levofloxacin with gravol

Is levofloxacin a sulphur containing drug?

No. I am allergic to Sulpha drugs and I can take levofloxacin.

What is levofloxncin use for?

Levofloxacin is an antibiotic that is used for bacterial infections, respiratory infection's, urinary tract infections. Levofloxacin is available in tablet form, injection, oral solution, as well as used in prescription eye and ear drops.

Does levofloxacin cure trichomoniasis?

Levofloxacin does not cure trichomoniasis. Trich is a single-celled parasite that is cured with metronidazole.

Is levofloxacin a sulfa drug?


Is levofloxacin and ornidazole tablets safe?

A levofloxacin is the which illness of It looks very chill. A ornidazole is tablet of diarrhea.

Is levofloxacin approved for use in Australia?


Can you take clindamycin together with levofloxacin?


Does levofloxacin cure gonorrhea?

Levofloxacin may not kill off all strains of the infection, so it is not used to treat gonorrhea.No it does not cure gonorrhea.

Does tequila go bad?

Due to their high alcohol content, tequila and other distilled spirits are unlikely to go bad provided they are well sealed and the alcohol is not allowed to evaporate.

Will taking levofloxacin delay your period?


Which illness can cure the levofloxacin?

Nothing can cure levofloxacin because it is an antibiotic. It is used to cure illnesses. Levofloxacin is used to treat respiratory tract infections, cellulitis, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, anthrax, endocarditis, meningitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and traveler's diarrhea.

What is the medication of levofloxacin?

Levofloxacin is an antibiotic which is used for treatment certain infections such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and sinus, urinary tract, kidney, prostate, and skin infections.

Is Ciprofloxacin a respiratory fluoroquinolone?

No, only levofloxacin and moxifloxacin

Is levofloxacin soluble in water?

ya, it is soluble in water.

How long can you take a levofloxacin if you have a gonorrhea?

Because of increasing antibiotic resistance, levofloxacin is not likely to cure gonorrhea. Please see your health care provider for effective treatment.

Can you smoke weed while on levofloxacin?

i don't know but im smoking everyday and i pop one levofloxacin a day. and it doesn't seem to have an effect on the drug. its herbal dude

Is it dangerous to take levofloxacin prednisone and Pro-Air together if you are 70?

Is it high risk to take Levofloxacin, Prednisone, and Pro-Air together if you are 70 years old.

Why did reformers call for temperance?

Well her is what i got from the book: Religious leaders led a war against alcohol. Alcohol abuse was common in the early 1800s, especially in the West and among urban workers. Reformers blamed alcohol for poverty, the breakup of families, and crime. They called for temperance, drinking little or no alcohol. Well there you go, so my answer is to practically stop alcohol abuse i guess.

Can I take Tamiflu and Levofloxacin?

If your doctor gives you a prescription, then you can take them.

Can an alcoholic drink go bad?

well it depends on how much alcohol is in it but it can definitely go bad. it can affect your lungs then possibly get cancer or die

What if you take vitiam b12 with teva levofloxacin?

My doctor told me that it is okay to take the B12 while taking Teva-levofloxacin (250 mg) and also the pharmacist, but should be 2 hrs after.

Can you mix avodart levofloxacin and dexamethasone?

Yes, you can take Avodard - Levaquin and Dexamethasone at the same time if all those médications are required and prescribed for you. Pay attention to other interactions with levofloxacin.

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