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Q: Can Neon Tetra fish live in complete darkness permanently?
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What is a neon tetra?

a neon tetra is a fish. It has all sorts of neon colours on its body!

When was Green neon tetra created?

Green neon tetra was created in 1963.

When was Black neon tetra created?

Black neon tetra was created in 1961.

What is a neon Tetra baby called?

A baby neon.

How does the neon tetra breathe?

A neon tetra breaths the same way as any other fish with gills

Can you tell the sex of a neon tetra fish by its color?

no every neon tetra looks almost identical

How large can neon tetra grow?

Neon tetra grow to be a little bit longer than 1 inch

What it the scientific name for the Black neon tetra fish?

the scientific name for the Black neon tetra fish is Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi

Is a female neon tetra fish bigger than the male neon tetra?

it is slightly wider, and has a more curved blue stripe

What Tetra fish can live with Betta fish?

I'm pretty sure its a neon tetra.

Can Betta go with neon tetra?

i wouldnt recommend it as neon tetras should be kept in schools of 5 and the stress couldnt easily kill the tetra

Name the fish which emits light?

neon tetra

Where do neon tetra fish originate from?

Peru and Brazil.

What is the simplest fish?

I would say the Neon Tetra.

How many species in neon tetra are there?

About 4 species.

How small is a neon tetra?

About one inch long.

How often does a neon tetra lay eggs?

When they mate!

How much does a neon tetra cost in pounds?


Is it hard to breed neon tetra fish?


What is the water temperature for a neon tetra?

Neon tetras need around 78F to 82F.

How long do neon fish stay pregnant?

if by "neon fish" you mean neon tetra, they dont get pregnant they lay eggs.

What is neon tetra in french?

It is tétra néon tétra néon

How did the neon tetra became domesticated?

people started growing it.

Where can one find information on neon tetra?

You can find information about Neon Tetra at webpages related to Tropical fishes. You can also visit your local aquarium and request information about this fish.

Is tetra a fish?

There is a tetra fish, sometimes it's called a "neon" fish. tetra is also a prefix meaning 4. Tetrapod is a four limned animal.