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The two types of rechargeable batteries are similar in performance and many characteristics are the same. Importantly, they both deliver a voltage of 1.2V so the devices they drive will respond in the same way.

The two technologies differ in the way that they should be charged. This is only a concern for fast chargers. Nimh batteries can be fully charged in about one hour but it is is important that the charger monitors the battery and shuts off the charge at the right time to avoid damage to the battery. NiCd batteries have a different charging characteristic so charging either battery in a fast charger designed for the other type is likely to lead to damage or reduced performance.

Solar lights use solar panels to charge batteries over a 12 hour period or more. The charging current is low enough to avoid the risks of damage to a Nimh battery so it is very likely that they can be used. There should be no risk of damage but the only way to see if the batteries work in a light fitting is to try it and see if it works. If it doesn't, it's time to switch back to NiCd batteries.

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Q: Can Nicd rechargeable batteries be replaced with Nimh rechargeable batteries for solar lights?
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Can you use regular batteries in solar lights or should they be rechargeable?

Yes you can use regular batteries in solar lights but it won't work on some solar lights like the inwood solar lights but some inwood solar lights can run on regular batteries. But some solar lights can only work on rechargeable batteries and come on at dusk and off at dawn or after six hours.

Does it matter what type of rechargeable batteries are used in a solar light fixture?

I have 20 solar-powered lights outside my house. The AA size rechargeable batteries that came with them were rated at 400 mAh (milliampere hours) and the lights would stay on for about 4 hours after sunset. I replaced them with 2300 mAh rechargeable AA batteries, and all of the lights now stay on from dusk until dawn.

Where to purchase malibu rechargeable batteries for solar lights?

fullriver 400mAh

Can you Use Regular Batteries In Inwood Solar Lights?

I would strongly suggest the use of rechargeable batteries over conventional batteries. Non rechargeable batteries could "explode" during recharging. Any rechargeable battery will work if they are the same voltage.

What batteries do you use for solar lights?

It can be rechargeable or regular but it won't work on some solar lights if your solar light don't work put a new battery in it if it still don't work put a rechargeable battery in it then it will work.

Can you use ordinary rechargeable batteries in solar lights?

I put new rechargeable batteries in my garden lights having given them a full charge before hand. They don't work. Has any one any ideas.

Does solar energy charge batteries?

Yes, if the batteries are rechargeable

Is solar battery same as rechargeable battery?

Rechargeable batteries have been used for a long term in our daily life in many devices like our vehicles. Such types of batteries do not function in the same way that solar-powered batteries do.

Where can you get batteries for alpan solar lights?

does any solar light batteries work for Alpan

Can you use normal AA batteries in garden solar lights?

If I understand the type of light you seem to be referring to correctly, the answer is no you need rechargeable AA batteries (e.g. NiMH). Normal AA batteries (e.g. alkaline, heavy duty) are not rechargeable and can be damaged or even explodeif it is attempted to recharge them.Use only the type of batteries the instructions for such devices specify.

What type of battery should you use for solar lighting?

Solar light batteries are special rechargeable batteries. Different lights may have different strength battery. Best option will be to open the battery box to see the type of battery before buying it. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new lights then to buy replacement battery.

Where can you buy a solar powered battery?

AFAIK you can't. but you can buy solar powered battery chargers and regular rechargeable batteries.

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