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YES!!!! I was injured and diagnosed by a workers comp doctor with RSD! his quote" a direct result from the industrial injury"

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Is receiving stitches considered to be an OSHA recordable?

Stitches are beyond first aid, so, all other criteria for recordability being met, receiving stitches makes the injury a recordable one.

What is the risk for injury related to altered level of consciousness?

This can be a good nursing diagnosis. As long as you provide the ND with a good outcome and key defining characterists.

What is a work-related injury?

A work related injury is an injury suffered by an employee while they are at work. The injury may also occur while the employee is conducting work related activities elsewhere.

Does work related have a hyphen?

I believe, when used as an adjective, it should be hyphenated but otherwise not. E.g. It was a work-related injury. E.g. The injury was work related.

Will my insurance cover my injury from work?

Any job related injury is covered by worker's compensation, your health insurance shouldn't come into play with a work related injury.

Do you get workmen comp for a fight at work?

Generally, not. It's not considered a work-related injury if you haul off and pop someone, even if they deserved it.

What is a non-occupational injury?

Any injury that is considered unrelated to your job.

What qualifies as a work related injury?

A work related injury is one that happens while clocked in - in the course of employment. [So, NEVER while commuting to work.] The injury must also happen within the scope of the worker's assigned duties. Get injured fighting a coworker in the workplace is not a work related injury. The injury must be diagnosed by a doctor, not merely claimed by the worker.

Can you collect unemployment while out on a non work related injury?

YES! most certainly! you simply can't claim work-related injury haha.

When is a occupational injury not considered a worksman compensation injury after being injured on the job?

If you are a 1099 "employee".

What is not an exercise-related injury?

Overeating, gunshots, or fevers are not exercise related.

Which of the following is likely to have the most favorable outcome following a traumatic brain injury?

a seven-year-old

What is injury-related statute of limitations?

what is the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Costa Rico

Is a walking boot considered a osha recordable injury?


What is considered a soft tissue injury in sports?


What is TRALI?

transfusion related acute lung injury

Does Workers Compensation apply if injury is away from work?

Not if the injury was not job related. An on the job injury would qualify you for the workers compensation insurance payments.

What are the lasting effects of a major spinal cord injury?

After being inflicted by a major spinal cord injury some of the more common outcome measures of prognosis are tetraplegia or quadriplegia, or paraplegia.

What is the function of Bicarbonate secreted by duodenal wall in digestive system?

Secretion of bicarbonate from epithelial cells is considered to be the primary mechanism by which the duodenal mucosa is protected from acid related injury.

What is a severe physical injury?

Something like a broken leg or arm bone would be considered a severe injury.

What is mild acquired brain injury?

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is characterised as a brain injury which has occurred after birth, and is not the cause of any genetic or congenital disorder. A "mild" ABI could be considered as a brain injury which does not have a profound impact on the brain functioning or the sufferers behaviour, or could be considered as temporary.

What are some of the workers rights related to injury and illness reporting?

Knowing how to properly report an accident and injury and having access to the past injury and illness logs.

If your fired one week after receiving an injury that is covered on workmans comp do you still receive payment for the lost wages for the time your not able to work due to the injury?

it really depends on how bad the injury is if they fire you because of your injury report them. and no you dont because they fired you u dont get fined for doing that.

Can a company drug test and employee that suffered an injury?

In MOST states, yes. And in MOST states, if it is shown that the injury happened as a result of the drug use, the employee is barred from receiving worker's compensation.

Where can one find structured annuities?

Structured annuities is a legal term for a personal injury claim you can use the website national accident helpline to start the process of receiving your personal injury claim.