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No, ordinary creditors can't garnish Social Security benefits. However, the IRS can. This is a relatively recent program. If your Social Security benefit is more than $750/month, and you have an IRS obligation that's more than 6 months in arrears, the IRS can garnish 15% of your monthly benefit. As I understand it, this may not apply to Soc. Sec. Disability or perhaps to other types of Soc. sec. benefits, but it definitely applies to S.S. Retirement benefits. (I know, because I was just notifed that they'll be taking $207 from my monthly benefit!) They must notify you in advance, but the notice may arrive just a couple days before they garnish your next payment (mine did). You then have the right to appeal it, based on "hardship," but you should contact the IRS right away or they'll garnish your next payment. NOT SS disability payments. No. All Social Security benefits are totally exempted from creditor action, except by the IRS under the recent program mentioned above.

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2006-10-19 22:36:23
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Q: Can Social Security income be garnished?
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