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All Social Security (SS, SSI, SSD) VA and the most other disability benefits are exempt from attachment by creditors. It is very important that such benefits be held in a bank account separately and no deposits of any other funds be placed in said account. If the person has reason to believe that a creditor may attempt to garnish the exempted funds they should let the bank and the creditor know that they are exempt under federal and state laws. Some creditors will garnish exempted property either in error or in attempt to coerce the debtor into making a payment agreement or settlement. It would be advisable to consult an attorney if it is believed there is a possibility of garnishment action. Most attorney's offer free or minimal fee consultations, or you might wish to contact your state bar association's legal aid organization.

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Q: Can VA disability and federal medical disability payments be taken by a creditor?
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Will you receive disability benefits if you have a disability plan?

The disability has to be 'approved' by a panel of people, one or several of which could be medical doctors. Just because you or your employer have a 'plan' that includes disability payments doesn't mean that payments are automatically given for an injury. There is most likely a time limit imposed for such payments.

How long do you have to file suit against a insurance company for dening medical disability insurance?

statue of limitations for filing suit against bad faith disability payments

Can a collection agency report you to the credit bureau if you are making monthly payments on your medical bill?

If the debt was properly assigned by the original creditor, yes. If you are making payments to the Original creditor than ask them to pull it back from there Collection agency, then dispute with the CRA's and when they update it should delete

Can you get medical disability from the army for your narcolepsy?

It would be up to an Army Medical Review Board to determine fitness for duty based on medical condition. The Veteran's Administration is responsible for determining you medical disability category and percentage of disability, if any.

Does medicare require you to carry medical insurance in your auto policy?

Medicare has nothing to do with auto insurance. Medicare is a Federal program of medical care for the elderly. During one's working life, Medicare taxes are paid to provide the benefit upon retirement or disability. What you may be referring to is "medical payments coverage". It is a a coverage provided by auto policies that is available to pay a portion another party's medical bills in the event of a collision in which he/she is injured.

Can you get a medical marijuana license in the military?

Probably not. If you have a disability that requires you to use medical marijuana then it's a disability that will excuse you from duty.

You have tourettes syndrome how do you get your student loans payments dropped?

If you're permanently and totally disabled, you can apply to have your federal loans discharged. Having a medical condition does not entitle a non-disabled person to lower payments, but you may qualify for income-sensitive payments.

Can disability insurance be taken for medical bills in Colorado?

Disability insurance was designed to provide a monthly income or to replace your paycheck in case you can't work due to an illness or accident. Unlike Major Medical health insurance which pays part of the doctors visits fees, medications, treatments cost, the disability insurance benefit can be used for anything you need, like a gap for medical deductibles or co-payments, or utilities, groceries, mortgage payments, or any other expenses including alternative treatments, vacation, etc. There is no limitation on how you should spend your disability insurance benefits. Some disability insurance policies have additional benefits paid specifically for home adjustments (for example, to make your home wheelchair accessible) - this additional benefits can only be spent for that purpose.

Is there a disability for short people?

No, there is not disability for just someone that is short. If the short person has a medical problem, they may qualify for disability.

Is a cholesteatoma a valid employment disability?

No. A cholesteatoma is a treatable medical condition not a disability. Hearing loss is a valid employment disability.

Is disability income included in comprehensive medical policy?

Disability Income insurance is not included in major medical. It is a completely different type of insurance.

can I use my payments for a private medical plan as a medical deduction thanks ?

As long as you meet the guidelines to be able to deduct medical expenses, payments for private insurance are deductable.

Can you get terminated for having a temporary disability in California?

You can be fired during a disability. But California has a variety of special laws that provide job protection during disability, and a federal law may apply. If you are disabled due to pregnancy, the CA Pregnancy Disability Leave law protects your job for 4 months prior to delivery. CA Family Medical Leave allows for additional job protection to care for a sick family member. This could extend your leave if you are caring for a newborn after your delivery. The federal Family Medical Leave Act provides job protection for up to 12 weeks for your disability, and applies to employers with more than 50 employees.

What conditions exclude sick pay from the definition of wages for fica tax purposes?

generally, payments to employees or their dependents for medical or hospital expenses in connection with a sickness or accident disability aren't considered wages

What is federal law for medical cannabis?

Federal law for use of medical cannabis

How does medical expense insurance differ from disability income insurance?

Medical expense insurance: Covers some or all of the out of pocket expenses paid by the insured for covered medical expenses. Disability insurance: Makes up for some or all of the income lost during the disability of the insured.

What is the main difference between automobile medical payments coverage and homeowners medical payments coverage?

Medical payments on your car generally covers expense to yourself and / or passengers in the event of an accident where you're at fault. Medical payments on a home policy will pay for people who are injured in your house - but it won't cover the homeowner or other residents of the house.

How long does a creditor have to go after someone to collect a medical bill in Ohio?

I believe in Ohio a medical creditor can attempt to collect a bill for 7 years. However, they can hold onto the account as long as they decide.

How do you manage a person with a disability?

How you help, aid , (not manage) person with a disability depends on the person's disability. More specific information is needed. In general, there are medical aids, social help and advice, available from the social and medical organisations in your country.

What if your fired because boss says your not fast enough on disability?

Question 1 Can you be fired if you are on disability due to a medical condition like cancer by your employer? Question 2 Can your employer fire you while on a medical disability over 6 months

Examine the medical model and social model of disability?

medical model of disability focuses on the disability and expects the individual to be searching for a cure, and are overcoming a personal tragedy. This model focuses on what the individual cannot do rather than what they can. social model of disability focuses on society as being disabling, barriers within society are the cause of disability these can be physical, cultural attitudinal.

Can you get health insurance if you have lupus?

if you are on disability for lupus how do you get medical benefits

What does the medical abbreviation TTD mean?

Temporary total disability

What are the benefits of disability insurance?

Disability insurance covers you in case you are not able to work due to a disability. This may pay for your bills, medical expenses, and other costs of living.

Is medical a state or federal program?

federal program