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No, Windows 7 CANNOT be used on any computer. Windows 7 can only be used on computers that have 3 gigabytes (gigs) of RAM.

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Can a Windows 7 repair disk work on any Windows 7 computer?


Is there any way to get Windows 7 from another computer?


Can a Windows 8 computer work with a Windows 7 computer?


Which windows 7 tool can can be used to see a history of problems a computer has had since Windows was installed?

Event viewer.

Which windows 7 tool can be used to see a history of problems a computer has had since windows was installed?

Event Viewer

Why is Windows 7 so much slower than Windows XP?

Well look how much fancy graphics it has and if you upgraded to windows 7 from xp then your computer was probably built for xp not windows 7. But my computer is faster with windows 7...

Can OpenOffice be used on Windows 7?

Absolutely ! I've been using OpenOffice on this Windows 7 computer ever since I bought it. It works perfectly.

Can you download windows movie maker XP on a windows 7 computer?

no, only can on a windows XP computer:(

What does Windows 7 have versus Windows CE?

Windows CE is the Compact Edition of windows. CE is not designed for use on a personal computer, its designed for computers designed for a very specific purpose such as a car computer, tv, or printer. Windows 7 is a full operating system for a personal computer. It allows you to run a large number of programs on any computer with an x86 or x86_64 processor.

What does Windows 7 preloaded mean?

It means the computer comes with Windows 7.

Which windows 7 window can be used to get a report of the history of problems on a computer?

This dickkkk lol

What do you need to upgrade a computer to windows 7 ultimate?

Either buy a copy of windows 7 ultimite from a local computer store or in your computer go into windows anytime upgrade and do it form there.

Can you downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows Vista?

You can, but you have to format the computer, and you need Windows Vista Approved CD. Also, Remember to backup the computer first to any drive, for example Portable Drives which has 500GBs.

Can you put Windows 7 on a computer with Windows Vista?

You have to run the windows 7 upgrade advisor and fix any problems that it says and if you re OK then put the disk in and install windows 7 or go to the store and buy a copy... You can find windows 7 upgrade advisor at the Microsoft website

How do you connect a Sony DCR TVR38 to a computer using windows 7?

Windows 7

Why windows is not responding in Windows Vista?

your computer might not be powerful enough to run vista. but to be honest i hate vista, get windows 7. Are there any applications running?

How do you get around a windows 7 password?

Getting around a windows 7 password without using any recovery disk will take a lot of computer skills to do it. Considering using any recovery disks tool in the market,Password Recovery Disk For Windows 7

What are the most popular computer themes?

As of today, some of the most popular computer themes seem to come from Windows and include "Dark Windows 7," "Black Windows 7" and "Black Funk," also for Windows 7.

Which is best Windows XP or Windows 7?

Windows XP is slower and Windows 7 is buggish. If you want a REAL computer, get a Mac

How do you find your IP address on Windows 7? that site will work on any computer running any OS in any browser.

What is the default partition style used in Windows 7 on an x86 computer?

Master boot record

Can you install windows 7 in atom?

no but if you have a hotmail address go on your in box and it says windows 7 download do that and you can have windows 7 as your new computer!!!

What is a Windows 7 ultimate key?

A windows 7 ultimate key is used to activate your computer when you download the windows 7 files. Every windows 7 ultimate key is special. BTW: You can find many windows key shop to buy windows 7 ultimate key, the next is the best and cheapest I think. The official is really expensive.

Why has your taskbar changed from Windows 7 to Windows 7 basic and how can I change it back?

restart your computer

I recently purchased a computer with Windows 7 home edition. Now I have a Windows 7 professional. How do I upgrade my computer to Windows 7 professional?

Well, you will either need to buy the professional edition of windows 7, or use a torrent site to get it.

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