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In my opinion I would answer yes, bcuz I have done this kind of work, although in other vehicles, I hav been working on a 91 colt. But I always consult a shop where most of this type work is performed, especially on any major job. There are certians minor things to consider. Also, you have not specified if your'e doing the work yourself. If it is at a shop, they will know more precisely.

Not nessesarily. Mitsubishi changed the orientation of the engine at one point so that it's "reversed." Check the orientations of the different models you're looking at swapping from/to.


Actually I have a 1995 summit which are the same, my parts car is a 1994 and there are nemerous parts that are slightly different and non-compatable. for the most part it should bolt right in.

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Q: Can a 1.5 liter engine from a 1993 Dodge Colt be dropped into a 1995 Dodge Colt without too many problems or modifications?
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