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Can a 12-year-old work at a fast food place?

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Q: Can a 12-year-old work at a fast food place?
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What is the best fast food place to work at?

The Right Answer Is At Mcdonals

How old do you have to be to work at Wendy's in Colorado?

you have to be 16 to work at any fast food place

How old do you have to be to work at a fast food place?

possibly 14-15

How do you get a job when you have no skills?

You can work at a lot of places like fast food place

How much income taxes do you get when you work at a fast food place for a year?


Where can 14 year olds work in Canada?

you can work at family business or any fast food place :)

Would a healthy fast food restaurant with a good variety work and would you be a customer?

I would be a customer to a place with fast, healthy food. Tell me the address! :)

What can a 16 year old work as?

You can work at a fast food place. Or at a gas station. You can even get a better chance if you have a car.

What local place can you work at if you are only 15?

most fast food places and some grocery stores!

Can you work at a fast food place in crowley tx at 14?

I would think not, maybe 15 but not 14.

What is the most common job for young adults?

You can work at fast food place like mcdonalds and burgerking.

What places can i work at the age of sixteen?

you can maybe work at mcdonalds or wendys or burger king any fast food place they will probaly let you work there.

Where can you work at fifteen years old in new york?

you can work at any fast food place, or boomers in medford. that's all i know of.

Do you like working at a fast food place?

Fast food has benefits depending on what walk of life you are in. I work nights in fast food because it allows me to keep my children out of daycare while I finish my degree. Overall, I do not hate it and enjoy the flexible schedule it provides.

What is the best job for someone who just graduated high school?

waiter or like, work at a fast food place.

How many races work in fast food places?

Obviously every race is able to work in any fast food restaurant.

Where are the best places for 17-18yr old to work full time?

A seventeen and eighteen year old can work full time at a fast food place. Most fast food places will hire even someone as young as sixteen.

Where can i get a job that can work around my basketball schedule?

A fast food or other restaurant is probably the best place to get a job that can work around your basketball schedule.

Where can a 14 year old work in the 77072 area?

Try a local fast food place or a buser boy at a restaurant

Who did Avril Lavigne work for before she was famous?

Well she worked at a fast food place then she started playing by the mall and stuff

What kind of job available for the non graduates?

you could work at a fast food place or you could sell things on eBay

What sort of jobs do Canadians work most?

supermarket, mcdonalds, timhortans...any other fast food place

How can you raise money fast?

Work at a fast-food place or do a fundraiser. ( If you have a better idea, go ahead and say it!!!) You could also start a lemonade stand or similair.

Where is a good place for a 16 year old to work?

maybe at a fast food restraunt or local surf shop or at a daycare center or at an ice cream place!

Why does fast food appeal everywhere?

Fast Food Appeals because it is the fast time. With work time's it is easy to stop by someone making your food VERY fast and no waiting on your waiter.