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only if it's pregnant other then thet no so your dog is sick very bad.

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Why do female cats bleed?

Female cats that are not spayed start to bleed when they are around a year old. They may also bleed from the nose, which may be due to trauma.

What year did the world population start to suddenly increase?

Need more information

What year did cheetahs start?

Cheetahs slowly became a separate species a long, long, long, long, hugely long time before numbering of years was invented. At that, no animal can be said to have suddenly 'started' in so short a time as a year.

Why do stage actors suddenly start to forget their lines about a year into a long run?

bcause its been hard work

You have drove your vanura for almost a year now with no problems then suddenly you went to start it wont start it turns over but it wont start any help?

Check for sparkCheck for fuel

Can you know someone for a year and then suddenly start liking them?

Yeah that's how you decide if you wanna be with them. You wouldn't go out with a stranger on the internet.

What year did the blues music start?

no genre can suddenly appear at a certain year, it would have progressed over time. it started around late 1800s and early 1900s

In which year did the dinosaurs die?

After ruling Earth for more than 150 million years dinosaurs suddenly became extinct about 65 million years ago.

What years do you start your period?

you start your period when you are 8-16 year old... BE PREPARED!!

What year did the great depression start?

On the year 1929 to 1941, it lasted 12 years

After you get the depo are you suppose to bleed and how long do you bleed?

It depends on you. I was on the shot for 2 years and never had a period. My sister was on it for almost a year and had hers almost all the time. If she wasn't heavy, she was spotting. If she wasn't at all and had sex, she would bleed during sex. Oh deffinately watch what you eat. They aren't kidding when they say you can gain as much as 10 pounds a YEAR!!!!!!!!!

How did new years begin?

because its a start to a new year

What year did the Thirty Years' War start?


What years or year did John Cabot start exploring?


What year did jedward start school?

5 years old.

Why does my 13 year old dog suddenly have Freckle like spots on her body?

A 13 year old dog might suddenly have freckle like spots on the body due to old age. Dogs get old age marks just like people do. A dog that is 13 years old is actually 91 in human years.

What is new years?

new yearsis when you start a new year and have a new year. its when you start back at January and start a new and improved year so you could be good for santa the next year he comes. but its when you start a new and improved year and that's what the happy screamily new year is all about.

How long will a puppy bleed and how often?

A female will bleed for four to seven days and usually twice a year.

What year did Easter start?

326 (almost 1700 years ago)

What year did TI start rapping?

1989. When he was nine years old.

In what year did woolworth start business?

80 or 90 years ago

What year did Sikh religion start?

509 years ago you do the math

What year did the army start?

Armies have been around for thousands of years.

How many days are in a year excluding weekends?

Non-leap years that start on a Sunday and all years that start on a Saturday, which is 24.75% of all years, have 260 weekdays. Non-leap years that start on a weekday and leap years that start on a Sunday or a Friday, which is 61.75% of all years, have 261 weekdays. Leap years that start on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, which is 13.5% of all years, have 262 weekdays.

What year did Chinese New Year start?

Well, it is unsure but the Chinese new year started about 3000 years ago