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Yes, I think as long as you have your parents permission you can move.

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Q: Can a 14-year-old move in with a friend with parental permission?
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Can you move in with a friend at age 17?

With parental permission you can.

Can a 14-year-old move into a friend's home without parental permission?


Can a 16-year-old move in with a friend's family?

Not without parental permission.

Is it legal in Pennsylvania to move out at the age of 16 with parental permission?

With your parents' permission you can move out.

How old do you have to be to move out of IN?

You have to be 18 to move out without parental permission.

Can a person move out when they are seventeen in Illinois is there anything to that to not let her move out?

With parental permission, the child can move out. If there is no parental permission, the child is a runaway and is subject to applicable punishment.

How can a minor move in with there friend without emancipation?

If they have parental permission. The parents are responsible for the child. They can decide where the child lives.

If you are seventeen years of age and living in Texas can you move out and live with a friend?

The age of majority in TX is 18. You can move out at 17 if you have parental permission or you

How old do you have to be to move out without parental permission?


Can you legally move out at 17?

Only with parental permission.

Can you move out at seventeen in nh with your parents permission?

Yes, with parental permission you can move out. Otherwise you have to wait until you are an adult.

What kind of trouble can you get in if you let your daughters 17 year old friend move in without parental permission in Missouri?

you can be arrrested I had this happen to me

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