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A person who is at least sixteen years of age, may petition the District Court of Nevada in the county in which they reside for a decree of emancipation. Nevada Revised Statutes, Title 11, Chapter 129, Sections: 129.080 to 129-140.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old female get emancipated if she has a place to live and works and is in school in the state of Nevada?
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You dropped out of school and got your GED Does that mean you are emancipated?

No. A high school diploma or a GED doesn't have anything to do with being emancipated. Emancipation is not related to education.

Can you drive to school with a permit in Nevada?

Can you please tell me if you can drive to and from school if you have a Nevada permit?

Are you legally emancipated at 17 if you are dropped out of school in PA?

If you drop out of school at age 17 in Pennsylvania, it does not legally emancipate you. You must petition the court and be emancipated by a judge.

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How do you drop out of high school?

Get emancipated and stop going.

Are you emancipated if you graduate high school at 17?

Not automatically, no.

Can you balance bills and a job and schoolwork after being emancipated and can you move out in Arkansas at the age of seventeen?

You must be able to balance bills/job/school in order to get emancipated. If you are emancipated then you can move out at 17.

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Do you have to be emancipated to get back support and go to school?

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If you are 18 and have a child an still in school. Are you emancipated?

depends on the state.

Where can I get driving courses in Nevada?

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Is a pregnant 17-year-old who has graduated from high school considered emancipated in North Carolina?

No. If you are under 18 you have to petition the court, or get married, to be emancipated.

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Are you considered emancipated if you are 17-years-old and have finished school?

No. Graduating high school does not emancipate a minor.

How do you get emancipated but your under age and you still want to go to school?

To be emancipated, you would draft a Petition for Emancipation in accordance with your state's laws, and file it in the appropriate court. Emancipation has no effect on whether or not you can go to school.

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