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Can a 16-year-old leave home and live with someone other than his parents?

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If his parents allow him to, certainly. It does not relieve them of the responsibility for his care and welfare.

2007-02-25 03:48:03
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If you have parents can you be adopted by someone else?

if your parents sign custody off to the other people

Can a teenager move out of one parents house to another parents house at sixteen?

you can leave home (with parents permission) at 16 so you probably can move to your other parents house. (If you wait one year then you can leave and get your own house).

Can you leave your parents and live with a friend?

If you are not of legal age (generally 18) you may not leave the parental home and reside with someone else w/o parental permission or a court order giving the other party legal guardianship.

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Can you be homeschooled by someone other than your parents?

yes. an online school.

Can a child leave one parent to live with the other in Idaho?

Only if the parents give consent to it.

Can a sixteen year old live with someone other than her parents?

Certainly, if their parents give their permission. The minor lives where their parents want them to live.

Can a parent leave a state of South Carolina without consent from the other parent?

Yes as long as you are of adult age you can leave if you want. If you have the children with you you will most likely need their other parents consent.

Can you move in with someone at 17?

In the UK, you can officially leave your parents and move into another house at the age of 16. To rent a place or lay down a mortgage, you have to be 18. So if the other person is financially stable, you should be OK.

What is the Legal age of child to choose to live with someone other than parents?


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Answer If I were applying for the position of Nanny, I'd want to highlight my experiences in this field. If you have resumes from other people you have worked for that would help too. If you are a parent you can understand why not a lot of parents want to leave their children in the care of someone who has no references. We live in a crazy world and who wants to take the chance on someone with no references.

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If you have other parents that want you ca you leave your biological parents?

not unless they consent to it and you would have to like go to court and stuff if you wanted it to be legal. which i would suggest doing!

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Is there a age for out of state visitation with other parents before child can leave state?

As long as the child is below 18 you need consent from the other parent.

What if your parents wont give consent of your emancipation?

You have to convince the court that you can take care of yourself without your parents. Chances are pretty high that unless there is abuse or other factors that they aren't going to allow you to leave. You have to convince the court that you can take care of yourself without your parents. Chances are pretty high that unless there is abuse or other factors that they aren't going to allow you to leave.

Duty of a person toward his parents?

I have too much to say. Type "Leave and cleave" in your google bar and you will get awesome advice. Honor your parents, don't depend on each other.

What is the legal age a minor can legally leave a parents home in Texas?

When you are no longer a minor, in other words, when you reach 18

If i live in Leeds and i am 17 years old and leave home what can the police do?

you should stay with your parents and go to see someone who can help you all to remain strong together until you are 18 if they can help you other ways they will show you a safe WA to move from your home

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Can a parent legally by law leave everything to one or two children and not to the other children?

It can certainly be done legally. So what did you do that your parents are writing your out of their will?