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You should be able to get state assistance. Google your states name and health assistance.It's normally very reasonable in my state it's like 4.00 a month.

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Described one medical use of ultra sound?

One medical use of an ultrasound is for a pregnant mother to see her baby.

Can pregnant girls with HIV can pass it on to the baby before it's born?

If the mother has proper medical care, it is possible that the baby can be born without HIV. The mother could not breast feed.

How many stick of cigarette during pregnancy?

None! Smoking is bad for both the mother and baby and can lead to serious medical complications for the baby.

What happens when the baby goes back to fallopian tube?

that is an ectopic pregnancy. the baby normally does not survive and the mother will need immediate medical attention. it is very painful

What is the average cost for having a baby in a hospital?

Medical costs during the delivery of your child definitely vary considerably. Depending on your medical insurance provider, you may be responsible for all or some of these charges. If you have a PPO Insurance Plan, you generally are responsible for 20% of the costs.

Do nutrients come from baby to mother or mother to baby?

In pregnancy they go from the mother to the baby through the umbilical cord

Can you move out if im 16 with a baby and you live in Texas?

No you are a minor. The only right added to you when you got pregnant was making medical decisions regarding you and the baby (apart from deciding over the baby as it's mother).

How does a mother dolphins act with her baby?

The mother dolphin takes care of her baby

Do you have to have one baby before you can be a surrogate mother?

Do you have to have a baby before you can be a surrogate mother

How can a baby get aids?

By being born to a mother who has AIDS, a baby can get it from the mother, or if the baby has to have a blood transfusion for any reason, the baby can get it that way.

How long does a baby monkey stay with its mother?

A baby monkey stays with their mother until they are 3 to 4 years old. A mother carries her baby everywhere with her until the baby is four.

Can a baby get aids from its mother while still in the womb?

A baby cannot get AIDS or HIV from the womb if the mother has either. But a baby can get either diseases if the mother decides to breast feed the baby.

When the baby koala leaves the mothers pouch how does the mother carry her baby?

The baby koala clings on the mother koala.

How much does it cost to give a baby all his shot with no medical?

Try your local health department for free or very low cost immunizations. No insurance needed.

Where can you get BCG Vaccine for the new born baby in Sharfiyah Jeddah?

You can get it in New Jeddah Clinic Hospital covered by Insurance or for free in Medical Health Centers of your area.

What are the consequences if a mother takes her new born child from the hospital without being discharged?

If something happens to the baby or the mother, as in getting ill, the hospital are not to blame and have no responsibility. In that case the mother could also face problems wiht her insurance company.

Where does the mother kangaroo carry her baby?

The mother kangaroo carries her baby (joey) in her pouch.

What does a mother okapi feed a baby okapi?

An Okapi mother feeds its baby milk.

Can a mother with type ab have an o baby?

Can a-mother and o+ father have ab+ baby

How long does the baby mandrill stay with its mother?

how long do baby mandrills stay with their mother

How long is the baby gorilla with its mother?

A baby gorilla is with its mother for 7 to 8 years

How does one go about purchasing life insurance for a baby?

Life insurance can be purchased for a baby. Any insurance company should be able to place a policy. The best known policy would be the Gerber Baby Plan.

What can happen if a mother of a baby doesn't let the biological father see the baby?

the father and mother get divorce and mother fight father so he doesnt see the baby

Does a baby Quail need a mother for warmth Will it die if it doesn't have her?

yes a baby quail does need its mother for warmth it is very hard to raie baby quails with out their mother

What will happen to mother and baby in case where o positive mother with o negative father have a baby?

Nothing. Mother and baby will not be harmed because of the differences in blood type.