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Can a 16-year-old take out a small loan for about 300 dollars?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-27 15:24:00

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No, not by him/her self. If the lender will agree to doing the loan at all, a co-signer 18 yrs. or older would be needed. 16 is not of legal age.

2006-07-27 15:24:00
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Q: Can a 16-year-old take out a small loan for about 300 dollars?
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How do i get a Government Loan for a Small Business?

While you cannot get a loan for small business directly from the government, you can take out a loan from a bank or other lending institution that is guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The main loan program is called the 7(a) Loan Program, and it is designed for existing businesses and start-up businesses.

where can i get a small business loan, that i do not have to repay?

You can take a small business loan, but you will have to repay it or face bankruptcy and having your assets seized. Instead you can pursue a grant, which you do not have to repay.

Can you take out a loan for small business credit cards?

Some banks will give you a loan for a small business if you have the proper credit. And yes, there are some credit cards available specifically for small businesses.

Can you sue for a car loan that you got for someone esle?

You can take them to small claims.

What will rise my credit score?

A credit card, a small loan, do not take a big loan out your time cause it will take time to pay it back an if u miss one payment it will hurt I done that on my first loan and it almost messed me up

Is it possible for me to get a small loan for my business?

The biggest factor is whether you fully own the site. The bank will take that as high evidence that they'll be able to trust you with a loan.

Can i take a loan against my car that is paid off?

Yes you can. Many credit unions and small banks will offer a secured loan for a vehicle that does not have a lien. Expect to pay higher interest for this type of loan. ----

Are 401k loan repayments pre tax dollars or post tax dollars?

After Tax Dollars. Any loan you take is repaid in after tax dollars and 401k loans are no different. The money you take out is not taxed so you get the benefit of that. Technically you can default on it and not repay it at all - then you are hit with the big penalty tax as it would be considered a distribution. So it's up to you - pay it with after tax money, or don't pay it and get hit with the tax and the penalty for early withdrawal tax.

can i get financing for a golf cart in lumberton, nc?

Generally, you will not be able to take out a loan just for a golf cart. A good option is to take out a small personal loan from your bank to use towards purchasing the cart, then repay that.

What is a cash advance loan exactly?

A cash advance loan is a service where you take your check stub to a place and they lend you up to a few hundred dollars, you pay it back plus interest when you get your payroll check.

Disadvantages ot having university degree?

There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.There are no disadvantages other than if you had to take a student loan.

Can you take someone to small claims court if they refuse to repay a student loan that you cosigned for?

Yes, for Breach of contract.

What are small business administration loans?

SBA loans are backed in part by the Small business administration. Essentially, they will act is a cosigner and guarantee a loan you take out from a traditional bank. In order to qualify you must have already been turned down for a loan.

What if your father died leaving a very small balance on a car loan The bank is requesting the loan be paid off before it will release the title Is there anything you can do to get the title released?

Pay off the loan. Ypu may even take out a new loan in your name, and use that money to pay off your father's loan and get the title.

What do I do my sister owes me 1 million dollars for a house loan and she is not paying me what do?

Take her to court. Family will use you faster than so called friends..

Do you have to take out a loan to start a small business?

It is a general misconception that small businesses must be started in the precarious hands of an oftentimes frightening loan officer. It is always a best practice to operate all business using cash. Cash is king, and debt is dumb!

Take Out as Little Student Loan Money as Possible?

When taking out loans for college, be sure to take out as little student loan money as possible. So many students take out thousands of dollars in loans and live like kings during college. Just be sure to remember that the more money you take out now, the harder you will have to work later to pay it back.

Who pays loan if a friend wrecks an uninsured vehicle ATV?

who ever's name is on the note. you may have to take them to small claims court.

Can loan companies take money from my bank account even if i havent taken out a loan with them?

Loan companies normally can't take money from your account if you haven't taken out a loan with them. However, some loan companies send checks to people as ads. If you cash the check, you're taking out a loan and the company can take money from your account.

Can a small business owner get a grant to help with office rent?

There are no grants that will help for office rent. You maybe able to take out a bank loan for a small business depending on your credit history.

Do you get a 1099 if you take out a loan on a life insurance policy?

No. It is a loan, not income.

Wash loan provision for insurance policy?

Not quite sure but I believe a wash loan is when you take a loan from your cash value life policy and pay it back with interest, most of the interest goes back into your own account with the insurance company taking a very small percentage.

Deal With A Financial Emergency?

If you are like most people, emergencies arise when they are least expected. To deal with situations that you need help with financially, why not take out a small loan? Banks and finance companies give small loans to people every day. You do need good credit and some form of income in order to pay back the loan. If you are not able to go to a bank or other office to get a small loan, try asking members of your family. Get everything in writing and agree to pay back the loan with interest.

Can I get a loan officer license online?

You can take the courses to be a loan officer online. Most schools are accredited, but you still will have to take the national test to be a certified loan officer.

Can a co-signer call call the loan company to reposed your car?

yes they can call and take such action with the loan company that the loan company can then decide to take your car or call in the loan for full payment