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No you can not. You must be at least 18 to enter in to a legally binding contract.

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Why Not?!?!?!

Because in the law's eyes you are still a minor. A minor cannot be held liable for any contracts that they get into, therefore, businesses and most reasonably smart individuals will not get into a contractual matter with anyone under 18, because those are the only contracts that can be broken 'for no reason at all'

How do you own 2 businesses.... (if you are the 16 y-o)

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Q: Can a 16-year-old who has a successful part-time job and runs two of his own businesses get a car loan and if not why not?
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What if you don't have any experience about the business you want to start but you have aspirant and need to get a loan?

I have to be open minded and research about how others became successful in their businesses to get ideas how to start.

Where do businesses get money from?

They get a small business loan.

Where can businesses apply for a commercial mortgage loan online?

Businesses can apply for a commercial mortgage loan online through websites such as RMC Funding and Union Commercial Loan. These websites offer fair loans for companies to use.

How do i get a Government Loan for a Small Business?

While you cannot get a loan for small business directly from the government, you can take out a loan from a bank or other lending institution that is guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). The main loan program is called the 7(a) Loan Program, and it is designed for existing businesses and start-up businesses.

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Possibly loan cash if they needed it

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The rate that a payday loan business would charge is different between the individual businesses. Some have flat fees, whereas other businesses charge interest rates. Check around before accepting a pay day loan as some of the fees can be exorbitant.

What is the meaning of commercial loan interest rate?

Commercial loan interest rates are a common way for small businesses to obtain start-up capital. These rates usually affect the growth rate and mannerisms of businesses.

What Are The Income Requirements For Small Businesses?

Businesses that qualify for an SBA loan generally have $50,000 to $5 million in annual revenue, and 1-40 workers. Many businesses are profitable and cash flow positive. All are able to show that they can afford to make our monthly loan payments.

Who Can Qualify For An SBA Loan?

There are many SBA loan options for different types of business owners. All businesses must be for profit.

What is it called whenbanks lend money to businesses?

I think you might be reffering to a loan.

Which financial provide offers the best value debt consolidation loan for small businesses?

The best way to consolidate your loan for small businesses is to go to your largest lender, and discuss with them the possibilities. Failing that, major banks such as BOA and Citi can help.

How do you get a ConSern loan from Wells Fargo?

Consern is a loan businesses can access to help employees pay tuition fees for additional learning.To get a loan you must be a business owner and phone the number detailed on the website.

What Are The SBA Income Requirements For Small Businesses?

Businesses that qualify for an SBA loan generally have $50,000 to $5 million in annual revenue, and 1 to 40 workers.

Where can I get a business auto loan in the US?

A business auto loan in the US can be obtained from a bank, credit union or from the automobile dealership from which the car is located. The larger and more successful the business, the more likelihood of the business obtaining the auto loan from a bank or a credit union using the business as an entity instead of the individual requesting the auto loan. Simply select the bank that has more desirable interest rates and loan term and then complete a loan application using the business name. The business will have to set up a bank account using the business name to get the business loan. Again, the business loan can be obtained from any financial institution that offers loans to businesses.

What companies offer start up loans to small businesses?

Most banks will offer small businesses a start up loan if the bank believes the person has a sound business plan. Depending on the business there is even a chance that one could get a start up loan from the government.

Can a cosigner ask the court to garnish the borrower's wages to make the loan payments?

The cosigner can ask but I seriously doubt they will be successful. The cosigner knew the risks when they signed the loan application. The cosigner knew, or should have known, the borower's history of successful loan payoffs were questionable at best. The cosigner assumed the responsibility when they signed on.

How can someone with bad credit successfully apply for a home loan?

Someone with bed credit can apply for the loan. For this the person has to clear all his previous dues in the concerned agency, then he may get successful for next loan.

How can you get a cash advance loan when you need it?

There are several of these businesses to choose from. You will need proof that you can repay the cash loan or put up some type title to ensure the pay back

Can I apply for an sba loan online?

Before becoming eligible for an SBA loan, first you must have been turned down for a conventional loan. Most small businesses that meet this requirement are eligible for SBA loans, although some types of businesses are ineligible. Eligibility generally depends on four factors: 1) the type of business, 2) the size of the business, 3) the use of loan funds, and 4) special circumstances.

What types of businesses do Grameen borrowers have?

Grameen Bank says that it has two types of businesses they loan money to. One type is the regular for-profit conventional type businesses. The other type includes social businesses such as those involved in health care, and companies that are working to improve environmental issues.

Which organisations offer business financing loan?

The most popular place to receive a business financing loan is from the government. The government can, and often does, offer loans to help fund small businesses.

What loan rates does Bank of America offer for small businesses?

The loans rates offered depend on the type of loan. Bank of America offers many different loans and the rates depend on the person receiving the loan and type of loan is granted. Some loans have higher rates than others.

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