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No. * Maybe, Missouri, as do all states has exceptions to such issues. If the minor made the contract by fraudulent means, for example, misleading the lender to believe he or she was of legal age the minor is legally responsible for the debt incurred.

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Q: Can a 17-year-old be held to a legally binding contract in Missouri?
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What are the differences between a contract and an agreement?

a contract is LEGALLY BINDING, an agreement is not necessarily legally binding depending on the circumstances

What do you meant by contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement.

Can a 12 year old make a legally binding contract?

Yes, a 12 year old can form a legally binding contract.

Is the contract for a timeshare legally binding?

Yes, a contract for a timeshare is legally binding. However, the contract usually has an opt out period of at least ten days. The salesperson can also choose to let you out of the contract.

Is an unwitnessed contract legally binding?


How old must you be to get a cell plan with US Cellular?

A cellular contract is a legally binding contract; you must be 18 to enter into a legally binding contract. The answer is 18 years old.

Must a contract be in writing?

A verbal contract can be legally binding also.

If a contract is signed between two people with no witness is it legally binding?

yes, even an oral contract is legally binding, so be careful what you say or sign.

What is another name for contract?

A Legally Binding Agreement.

Is signing an employment contract with temporary agency a legally binding contract?

Yes, it is.

Is an oral contract legally binding in the US?

Generally an oral contract is not legally binding:if it involves the sale of landif there is a written contractif it involves an illegal activityUnder other conditions an oral contract may or may not be legally binding. In order to enforce an oral contract the parties must provide the court with compelling evidence that a contract was created between the parties.

How binding is a property contract once signed?

Contracts are legally binding on both parties to them.

Can an 18 yr old enter into a legally binding contract in the state of Alabama?

The contract can be legally binding at the discretion of the 18 year old. The minor can 'disaffirm" the contract, or say there is no contract, when he/she reaches the legal age of majority in AL which is 19.

A is a legally-binding agreement between two or more parties?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties.

When is a contract valid?

The word valid means legally good. Thus, a valid contract is one that is legally binding. Hope this helps (:

What is a non-binding contract?

A non-binding contract is considered to be an informal contract. It means both the buyer and the seller are not legally obligated to go through with the bid.

Can an agreement in an instant message be a legally binding contract?

An agreement made in an instant message be considered a legally binding contract. All forms of electronic communications such as emails and text messages are included.

Is a contract legal if the offer is not made seriously?

A contract is a legally binding document. If it was signed, it is serious.

Is a contract a legally enforceable promise or set of promises?

yes any contract is leagaly binding

What is considered a legally binding document?

A legally binding document is one whose terms can be enforced by a court of law. An example is a marriage certificate and a contract.

What is the Latin phrase for legally binding contract?

Pacta Sunt Servanda

Why consideration is so important?

consideration enables a contract to be legally binding

Is a text message legally binding contract?

A text message does not constitute a legally binding contract. Legally binding contracts explain in detail the responsibilities of both parties involved. They become formalized when both parties apply their signatures to it. An agreement entered into via text message is similar to a verbal contract. It may imply an agreement, but does not formalize one.

Can you marry a twenty-six year old without your parents consent if you are sixteen years old?

If you are legally emancipated you can. Entering into marriage means entering into a legally binding contract. At 16 you cannot legally enter into a binding contract. So no, you can't LEGALLY get married.

Can a sixteen year old be held to a legally binding sales contract?

No, they are a minor and the contract cannot be enforced.