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Might depend on where you live and what the age of majority is there. Getting financing (mortgage) to buy the apartment might be difficult at 17 years of age as you wouldn't typically have much, if any, credit rating. Des Perado


No. The legal age of majority in most states is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Pennsylvania and Mississippi it is 21. Anyone under the aforementioned ages is not legally able to enter into contractual agreements, this would include the leasing, renting, or purchasing of real property.


Yes, how about if that 17 year old is being thrown out of their house and has no where to go and stay. The only thing that person has on his/her head is to get enough money to try to get his/her apartment. To try to live foward. To try to get their life happy without there family that denieds them. They can just rent the apartment, they don't have to exactly buy the apartment. How about if it was you that wanted a place of your own?


No, a 17-year-old is not of legal age and cannot enter into financial contracts. The personal situation of a minor concerning family problems is a matter for the state's department of social services.


I say YES!!!!!! Any age teen should be aloud to get their own place if they have family problems or things of the such. Someone in the family could at least cosign or something just until they are of age to get it under their name. If not, then I'm sure something could be arranged. I am a teen myself and I know how it feels to not have a place to stay and feel secure. Jesus will take care of you but you should still be able to be provided with a place to take care of yourself instead of being forced to stay somewhere that is only going to cause more trouble to approach.


As far as I know this was not meant to be a discussion about whether a teenager should be allowed to live on their own but a Q/A about whether they CAN.

In most cases, the answer would be NO (this depends on your country and the age of majority. I am assuming, since you asked, that in your country you are considered a minor).

However, under certain circumstances, you can become an emancipated minor, which would grant you the privilege to do so.

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Q: Can a 17-year-old buy their own apartment in their name?
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