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Can a 17-year-old get married in Florida if she is not pregnant?

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The answer to your question is found at this link When a marriage license may be issued to persons under 18 years.-- (1) If either of the parties shall be under the age of 18 years but at least 16 years of age, the county court judge or clerk of the circuit court shall issue a license for the marriage of such party only if there is first presented and filed with him or her the written consent of the parents or guardian of such minor to such marriage, acknowledged before some officer authorized by law to take acknowledgments and administer oaths. However, the license shall be issued without parental consent when both parents of such minor are deceased at the time of making application or when such minor has been married previously. (2) The county court judge of any county in the state may, in the exercise of his or her discretion, issue a license to marry to any male or female under the age of 18 years, upon application of both parties sworn under oath that they are the parents of a child. (3) When the fact of pregnancy is verified by the written statement of a licensed physician, the county court judge of any county in the state may, in his or her discretion, issue a license to marry: (a) To any male or female under the age of 18 years upon application of both parties sworn under oath that they are the expectant parents of a child; or (b) To any female under the age of 18 years and male over the age of 18 years upon the female's application sworn under oath that she is an expectant parent. (4) No license to marry shall be granted to any person under the age of 16 years, with or without the consent of the parents, except as provided in subsections (2) and (3).

2006-08-10 04:47:28
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Q: Can a 17-year-old get married in Florida if she is not pregnant?
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You are sixteen and pregnant and your boyfriend is twenty can you get married in the state of Florida?

At 16 you cannot get married unless you have permission from your parents.

Is it a form of emancipation when you have a baby in Florida?

No. In some states if you get pregnant at 16 or 17 you can get married, and getting married is a form of emancipation. In Florida you need parental consent to get married at 16 or 17, so that would be moot anyway.

Can a 16 year old get married to a 25 year old in Florida if pregnant?

With parental permission, yes.

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Yes you are still married in Florida.

Can a 17yearold be charged as an adult on aggravated robbery charges?

Yes, it is POSSIBLE.

Is it legal for a pregnant sixteen year old to get married in the State of Florida as long as her parents give consent?


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What do you need do be married in florida?

To be married in Florida, you just need a marry licence.

Can me and my boyfriend get married in Florida if I'm 14 and pregnant and he is 15?

You must be 16 with parental consent or 18 without. If you are pregnant or have a child before the age of 16, it is up to the discretion of a county judge.

Can you get a divorce if you're pregnant in Florida?

Yes, just like any other divorce. The father will have visitation rights though whether you are married or not.

Can you get married in Florida without a marriage license?

you must have a marriage licence to get married in Florida

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can a inmate get married in florida

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What state can a 15 year old and her boyfriend that is 22 get married in without parrent consent if she is pregnant?

Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Oklahoma allow pregnant teens or teens who have a child to marry without parental consent. In Florida, Kentucky, and Oklahoma you also need authorization from the court.

Can you get divorced in Florida if your pregnant?

Of course you can.

Can you move out of your house in Florida if you are 17 and pregnant?

The age of majority in Florida is 18. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a person.

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