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as soon as you turn 18 its the law actually now the legal age is 17 so and you can get rid of an order of protection and the age legally at 16 but at 16 you have to come up with a good reason for getting rid of it and at 17 you become legal age you should be able to and if the order of protection is off then yes you can get married

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Q: Can a 17-year-old girl break an order of protection that was put into place by her parents against her boyfriend and marry the person that the order of protection is against?
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If you live in the state of Texas and are seventeen years old and have a boyfriend but parents have restraining order against him is it still legal to live with him?

your parents have the restraining order against him so you can still live with him as long as he stays away from your parents.

Can the parents of a 16-year-old place a restraining order against her 16-year-old boyfriend and his parents?

I'm sorry but yes

How do you get a boyfriend if your parents are against it?

secretly date them are have your parnants meet this person you want to date so they trust you

My girlfriends parents got a protection order against me because they hate me. How old does she have to be in the state of Nebraska to get it dropped.?


Can the parents of a 16 yr old place a restraining order against her 16 yr old boyfriend?

yes they can

If you runaway at sixteen to live with your boyfriend will he get in trouble?

Yes, he could have charges brought against him. Until you are an adult, your parents are responsible for you.

How do you persuade your parents to let you go away for a week with your boyfriend if you are 17?

haha well... I had this same problem a few months ago. Talk to your parents with your boyfriend. Have your parents talk to his parents. Try to prove to your parents that they can trust your boyfriend- that's what I did. My boyfriend and I actually took our parents out to dinner and we all talked about it, and it all worked out in the end :)

If my parents filed a protective order against my boyfriend when i was 17 now that im 18 can you have it dropped?

my parents got a protective order against my boyfriend when i was 16. i am now 17 and i will be 18 in 4 months. my caseworker and the judge explained that once you turn 18 the charges can be dropped bc they were filed by your parents in your name. you will be a legal adult so you are the only one who can file or erase the charges at that time.

How do you make your parents get alone with your boyfriend?

you can't make your parents get along with your boyfriend, they either get along or they don't

Can the parents of a 17 year old press charges against a 20 year old boyfriend?

They can if they have reason to believe he has commited an offence.

Can an 11 year old have an 13 year old boyfriend?

Yes, there are no laws against dating but as minors your parents have to be OK with it of course.

How do you deal with your girlfriends crazy ex boyfriend?

Be sure your girlfriend is not keeping in touch with her ex boyfriend first. If she is not then she needs to report him to the police and have her parents put a Restraining Order against him.

How do I convince my parents about my boyfriend whose younger to me?

Tell them, it's better than an older boyfriend. Ask the age difference between your parents and relate it to you and your boyfriend.

Can your 18 year old boyfriend be your legal guardian when he have your parents permission?

No, a judge would never allow your parents to do that to your boyfriend.

Well my boyfriend parents want me and my boyfriend to break up and we never meet and they dont want to meet me and they took his phone away and the internat and wont let him see me what should i do?

have you tried talking to your own parents about this? Ask your boyfriends parents what they have against you. Also have you ever thought that his parents might be a bit overprotective! the girl in the pink cardigan x

How can you force your parents to let you have a boyfriend?

You can't force your parents to let you have a boyfriend. Though, you can try to reason with them and they can let you have a boyfriend. If you think you are mature enough to have a boyfriend; tell your parents why you want a boyfriend and that it's not because everyone else has one. Have your parents meet him or invite him over for dinner so they know he's a good person. If they still say no beg until they let you

Can 16 yr pregnant girl have boyfriends parents file custody against her mom?

If you're in the US... No judge in any state is going to custody of a minor to the parent of her boyfriend, and especially a boyfriend who got her pregnant.

How do you tell your parents you have a long distance boyfriend?

Mum, dad, I have a boyfriend

In Tennessee can your boyfriend or his parents take custody of you?

Boyfriend has no standing in the court

In Idaho Can a 17-year-old female leave home to live with her boyfriend without her parents' consent but with her boyfriend's parents' consent to move in with him?

No. There are only a few things that a child can do without parents' consent, and moving in with a boyfriend is not one of them.

Can a 16-year-old female leave home to live with her boyfriend without her parents' consent but with her boyfriend's parents' consent to move in with him?

No. And the boyfriend's parents could very well find themselves facing criminal charges for taking her in.

Can your parents press charges against your 25 year old boyfriend if you are 17?

yes until you are over 18 they can press charges and he can go to jail

Can the parents file charges against the boyfriend for getting the teen girlfriend pregnant?

It depends on his age if he is 4 years older or if she is under 16 then yes

If me and my boyfriend didn't use protection and he used the pull out method and I am a little late on my period what is the chance I am pregnant?

The chance is pretty good. People who practice the withdrawal method are called "parents."

How do you get your parents to go to your boyfriends house?

Ask your boyfriend's parents to invite them.