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A minor is placed with foster parents by means of a court order. That being the case the minor would need permission of the court to legally change residences or he or she would likely encounter problems with the state agency that oversees the foster care and welfare of said minor.

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What is your father's maternal grandmother called?

Your father's maternal grandmother is your great-grandmother.

Is your maternal grandmother your mom's mother?

Yes. "Maternal" means "related to you mother." "Grandmother" means "mother of your parent." Therefore "maternal grandmother" is the grandmother who is related to your mother, hence the mother of your mother.

What does maternal grandmother mean?

Your maternal grandmother is the mother of your mother. Similarly your paternal grandmother is the mother of your father, paternal grandfather is father of your father and maternal grandfather is father of your mother.

What is is a Paternal grandmother?

Your father's mother is your paternal grandmother. Your mother's mother is your maternal grandmother.Paternal on the male side. Maternal on the female side.

What is a maternal grandmother who is deceased prior to the birth of grandchildren called?

A grandmother is a grandmother, whether she died before the grandchild was born or years after. If she died long before the grandchild was born, she may not know when she became a grandmother, but that is another matter. The English language does not have a word or phrase for a grandparent who died before the grandchild was born. If you absolutely require a phrase, the proper description would be "deceased grandmother" or "dead grandmother."

What is the Swedish word for grandmother?

maternal grandmother = mormor paternal grandmother = farmor

Navajo word for grandmother?

Shímásání ( my maternal grandmother )Shinálí ( my paternal grandmother)

How do you make a sentence with maternal and paternal?

Maternal refers to your mother and paternal to your father. My maternal grandmother lives in Scotland, but my paternal grandmother lives just down the street.

Who is Luke Skywalker's maternal great-grandmother?

Winama Naberrie.

Was Queen Elizabeths grandmother a queen?

Her paternal grandmother was a Queen Consort. Her maternal grandmother was a Countess.

Is Obamas fraternal grandmothers still alive?

Since there is no such thing as a "fraternal" grandmother-- the word fraternal refers to brothers-- you may be asking about his maternal (mother's side) or paternal (father's side) grandmother. Both of his grandmothers are deceased.

What does maternal great-grandmother mean?

Your maternal great-grandmother is either of your mother's two grandmothers. Your father's would be called paternal.

Are you Jewish if your grandmother was?

If your maternal grandmother is Jewish, her children are Jewish, including your mother, your mother's siblings, and all of your mother's children. If your paternal grandmother is Jewish and your maternal grandmother isn't, then you're not Jewish according to Torah-law.

What is English version of nana-nani in Hindi?

maternal grandfather -maternal grandmother

How do you write maternal grandmother in Tamil?


How is the paternal grandmother addressed in hebrew?

In Hebrew, there is no distinction between paternal grandmother and maternal grandmother. Each is addressed with the same word: savta (????)

Who is queen Elizabeth 2 grandmother?

Her maternal grandmother was Cecilla Bowles-Lyon. Her paternal grandmother was Queen Mary

What is Bella Swans grandma's name?

Marie was her maternal grandmother and Helen was her paternal grandmother.

How do you spell grandma in Hmong?

Niam Tais - maternal grandmother Pog - paternal grandmother

What is Olive Senior's text the two grandmothers about?

the short story is about two grandmothers. one being the paternal grandmother an the other being the maternal grandmother. the maternal grandmother lives in rural poverty an the paternal grandmother lives in the modern society.

Is Michael Jackson's Maternal Grandmother still alive?


What does abuela materna mean in English?

Maternal grandmother.

Who is Luke Skywalker's maternal grandmother?

Jobal Naberrie.

What do you call your parent's mother?

Your paternal or maternal grandmother.

Who were king David's grandparents Obed and who?

Other than Obed, we do not know any of David's grandparents (his paternal grandmother, his maternal grandfather, and his maternal grandmother are not mentioned in the Bible).

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