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Can a 17-year-old legally drop out of high school in Texas?


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No it's not illegal. I personally know many people who don't even go to H.S. they drop at the eighth grade. But why would you want to at 17? you only have one more year and getting a GED isn't all it's cracked up to be? * A person under the age of 18 may not leave school without the permission of their parents or legal guardian. A minor child who has reached the age of 17 and been granted an equivalency certificate is exempt from compulsory education laws. Texas Education Code Annotated 25-085(b).


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33% of high school students drop out of school in Texas.

How do you drop out of school at the age of 17 in texas?

what age can you drop out of school in the state of pa

The only way you can legally get out of school is to drop out when you're old enough. You are required by law to go to school.

I believe the legal drop-out age in Minnesota is 16.

Well, in Ohio, its pretty difficult to drop out legally.You need to get the superintendent to sign a waver allowing you to legally drop out of school, and most won't do it.Unless you have that waver, its illegal to drop out until your 18 in Ohio.

Yes,a 17 year old can legally drop out of school but, only with a parent consent.

be 16 with a parent's consent, or 18 without

In some states, 15 year olds can drop out of school with the permission of parents and school officials.

Yes, at 16 you can drop out from highschool, in Idaho

You can legally drop our of school at age 16 in New York, if your parents agree. If your parents do not agree, you must remain in school until you graduate or until you turn 18.

No. But you can ruin your life by trying.

You must be atleast 16 years or older to drop out of school legally.

If you drop out of school at age 17 in Pennsylvania, it does not legally emancipate you. You must petition the court and be emancipated by a judge.

Dont drop out of school! You will ruin your life and regret it forever!

Yes. * Regardless of the required age for compulsory education in any US state a minor needs the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian to leave school before the age of 18.

A 14 year old can not drop out of school in Texas. They have set mandatory education ages from 6 to 18. You must be at least 18 in order to drop out of school. Please note that the unemployment rate for high school drop outs runs over 50% or higher in the current economy.

U can drop out at the age of 16 legally. U get kicked out at the age of 21.

Texas requires school attendance until age 18. That would be the legal age.

Texas mandates school for children from age 6 to 18. The law was passed in 1915.

yes, a 16-year-old with parental consent can drop out of high school in texas. 18-year-olds can drop out without parental consent.

In the state of New Jersey, you must be 18 years old before you can drop out of school. The law was changed in the year of 2012.

Yes, as long as you have a parents consent you can drop out anytime as long as you have passed the 8th grade.

Texas set the laws in 1915. School attendance is compulsory from age 6 to 18.

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