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Probably. The legal age of majority is 18 but apparently Texas police won't generally force a 17-year-old to move back in with their parents. If you leave home without parental consent, then anyone who takes you in--even if they are a relative--can be facing charges for doing so. Texas does have laws against harboring a runaway. There could possibly be other charges as well.

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Can a Grandparent get custody or guardianship of grandchild?

Yes, a grandparent, or another relative, can apply for guardianship if the parents' rights have been terminated or with the consent of the parents.

Parents are cousins what are you?

If you and another person have parents who are first cousins, then you and that other person are second cousins, because you have a great-grandparent in common.

Can a babysitting grandparent be considered 'in loco parentis'?

A babysitting grandparent cannot be considered "in loco parentis." The grandparent is simply helping out the parents for a short time; the parents have not transferred any parental responsibilities over to the grandparent.

Do you have third cousins?

Your third cousins are those relatives who share a great-great-grandparent with you. They are the children of your parents' second cousins and the grand children of your grandparents' first cousins.

What is the definition of grandparent?

Parents parent, hope this helped you!! :)

What is you Auntie in Law Parents as a relation?

Your aunt-in-law's parents would be your grandparent-in-laws.

Who is the Maternal grandparent?

The maternal grandparents are the parents of the individual's mother.

If a grandparent gains custody of a minor child do the parents have to pay child support to the grandparent?

Each state has their own laws. In NY, the parents would have to pay child support to the custodial grandparents.

When a grandparent is applying for legal guardianship of children because parents are deceased can the children decide who they want to live with?

If a grandparent has applied for guardianship of minor grandchildren because parents are deceased, can the children state that they don't want to live with the grandparent even though that would be in the childrens best interest

How can you figure out what ethnicity you are?

One very simple thing to do is to look at your skin. Another is to ask your parents or other relatives.

What to write in a new baby card to grandparent?

You an write in a new baby card to a grandparent, 'welcome to grandparent world'. You can mention about being able to have the kids over and then being able to send them back home to their parents.

What is a Paternal grandparent?

Your father's father or mother. Maternal grandparents are your mother's parents.

Can a grandparent foster parent a grandchild?

Yes, and they frequently do should the parents die.

Can a grandparent take a child out of state without one parents permission?

Not unless the grandparent is the legal guardian. You need parent's permission to take their children ANYWHERE.

How do you spell relatives in spanish?

parientes = relatives NB this is not English 'parents', which is 'padres'.

Can a grandparent put a picture of a grandchild on Facebook without the parents permission?

no he cant < because what will the parents think and it is also illegal.

Do you have to pay support if your child moves in with a grandparent?

It depends on your jurisdiction. In the United States the parents are required by law to support their children. If the grandparent has custody the child support payments must be paid over to the grandparent. It's your child and you should support her.

How do you say grandparent in french?

un grand-parent, plural des grands-parents

What are indirect traits?

Traits passed from not your parents, but possibly a grandparent or someone before or related to them

How much money can a grandparent give a grandchild?

As much as they want while ignoring the parents.

What relationship is there between two second cousins?

The relationship between two second cousins is that they are second cousins. That means that one of the parents of one was the first cousin of one of the parents of the other; and that one grandparent of one was the sibling of the grandparent of the other.

Can a grandparent get legal custody if the grandchild has lived with the grandparent for 11 years?

Should have 10 years 11 months ago, and filed child support on BOTH parents, so yes.

How do you get 75 dollars by tomorrow?

borrow from a friend, parents, grandparent, tell them you will pay them back, and mean it

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