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Yes they can. They are out of high school. You have to have a place to live and a job though

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Q: Can a 17 year old who has graduated high school move out of her mother's house without her consent?
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Can a father home school without mothers consent?

Yes they can

Can a father that has joint custody with the mother sign a child up to a new school without the consent of the mothers?


Can a seventeen year old move out without consent if they will be graduated from high-school?

If you live in the US... No. Graduating high school is not an emancipating event. When you turn 18 you can move out.

Can you drop out of school at 17 in Georgia without parental consent?

No, you have to be 18 to drop out of school without your parent's consent.

How old do you have to be to be in navy?

18 or 17 with parental consent (provided you have graduated high school).

Can an 18-year old who has graduated high school move out of their parents home in new york without consent?

yes because that person is not under- age anymore.

Can a 17 year get married in Texas without parental consent if they are enrolled in school?

No. The only way to get married without parental consent is by being emancipated and going to school does not do that.

Can you drop out of school in Nebraska when you are 16?

If you are 16 you can, with a parent's consent, but you have to be 18 without parent's consent.

At 17 years old can you legally move out of your mothers mentally and verbally abusive household to live with reletives in a healthy environment and go school?

you can move out when you are 16 without a parents consent.

What age can a person in Massachusetts drop out of high school without parental consent?

without consent I'm pretty sure it's 18.

Where was Abraham Lincoln graduated?

Lincoln was never graduated- he held no degrees. He passed the bar exam without going to school.

What happens if you don't graduate high school by age 19?

You will then have to leave school without having graduated.

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