Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can your child move to another province to go to school when he turns sixteen?


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You can if you have parental permission.

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Schools have varying rules about whether or not you can enroll a child in another school district if one suspends him or her. Depending on why your child was suspended from the first school district, you may be able to enroll your child in another district if the new school agrees to accept him or her.

in the state of North Carolina if the child is over sixteen years of age no they will not but if the quit school. the parent can be arrested.

I think we can try solve this problem by showing the child affection and welcoming him/her. If s/he feels accepted, s/he can start participating in community activity freely and as part of the community.

The number of days a child must attend school is set by state law. If you are moving, or changing the child from one school to another, you must abide by the state law of the area you are in.

children stay at school tilll there 18 It depends largely on the country. In Britain, a child may leave school at the age of sixteen when he receives his national insurance card.

At the age of sixteen in Ohio, a child can move out of the house and into a family member's home only with the permission of the parents. The parents are still responsible for the child until they are eighteen and may have to pay child support to the other family member.

Child support in the state of California continues until the child stops going to school. including college.

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Most people would spell it sixteen-year-old child. But over the last 20 years, people are ignoring the hyphens.

Yes, as long as the child is a minor they can not choose where to live.

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It basically depends on where your considering on putting the child, is it within the same school district? Has the custodial parent moved to another home which has a new school? There are rules within schools nowaday and having to get permission to keep them within the same school if you have moved.

If in Elementary School the child who pulled another child's pants down should be sent home with a note to their parents and the teacher should follow up on that note and have the child's parents come to the school to discuss the problem.

The parent who removes a child from school must either transfer the child to another accredited school or enroll in an accredited homeschooling program. Actually, providing no schooling is worse because the child eventually will need to be financially independent and the way is to have a basic education. If the child is a teenager and regular high school is not working, try a charter school. Answer UMMMMM proploble when you get out of middle school well it all depens........................ So at the age of 13-14

Yes. Denial of visitation is a separate matter from child support.

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It is your child and so long as you are able to look after it acoring to acceptable standards it remais your child.

Well my school in Massachusetts offers it, but I do not know about any other states.

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