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Yes, a cat can have anywhere from 1 kitten to 13.


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From what I know it is about 84 years. Your cat will be 84 in cat years when he turns 17.

Tori is 17, Andre is 17, Cat is 17, Jade is 17, Robbie is 17, Beck is 17, Trina is 18

It is 119 because you take the human age and multiply it by seven. It is not 119 because multiply by seven is not the cat years rule. Your cat is about 85 years old.

You cat should be taken in for a yearly physical every year and communicate to the vet about how much your cat eats. It could be just old age (very common) or your cat may have worms. Please see your vet so you have your cat for a few more years to come. I had one cat named Jade that lived to be 20 years old.

she's 17 her birthday is June 26,1993

Can my cat that is 17 1/2 yrs. old survive stomache tumors

Well your cat would be pretty old and probaly has urinatly problems, It could be a bladder infection. Take it to the vet if it is bloody but if its normal cat wee then your cat is probebly stressed or drinking too much.

They are all about 16-17 years old. p.s. Kat is spelled with a "K". Wrong.. her name is Caterina.. so it's actually spelt with a C.. its Cat not Kat

They are about 17-19 years old, but some stubborn cats might live till 25

Your first duty is to your cat, it has been your companion for a long time and in its old age it needs you provide it with the quiet and comfort it deserves, not mess its peace up with a puppy. One day (before too long given its age) your cat will die. This will be a sad time but you can then get your puppy.

A 17 year old is 17 years old.

Average age for a cat is 15 to 17 years. Their lifespan has increased due to the fact that most cats are indoor cats and with modern medicines.

Tabby is a coat pattern, not a breed or type of cat. The average lifespan of a cat is around 15 - 17 years. Cats have been known to live to 20 years or more, but it really depends on the health of the cat and how well it is taken care of.

I think it is called Old Ireland as there were 17 counties in Ireland when it was one country

Baylee Barrett 17 Blaire Elbert 14 Makenzie Patton 13 Madaline Powell 12 Andi Kitten 14 (former Cutie)

The lifetime of a cat can variate depending on not only living conditions, but breed as well. Accordingly, in average, a cat lives up to 17-20 years of age.

Eye of the Cat was created on 1969-07-17.

Tommy was her cat. He lived 17 years.

I don't have a cat.a boy at age 17 and at age like 85 in cat years

If they are married, yes. If they are not, technically the younger one needs parental consent to move. EWWWWWWW!

what is the punishment for a 17 yr old that brought tylenyol (contriban) to adobe mtn.

Well i just leave some food out in a bowl and mine eats when he is hungry

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