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There is no hood emblem on a 1970 Camaro. The emblem is on the upper valance, and if you use some sort of foam gasket you could probably get it to fit.

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Will a hood from a 1995 Camaro fit a 2001 Camaro?

No, only a 98-02 Camaro hood would fit an 01 Camaro

Will a hood from a 99 Camaro fit on a 91 Camaro?


Why do my 1988 camaro smokes from under hood when I'm driving?

it's either overheating or blowing oil onto the manifold

Can you install any year Camaro hood on your 92 iroc?

Only 82-92 camaro hood.

How do you replace the Star Emblem on a Mercedes 1999 e320?

You can easily replace this emblem. Lift up the hood and unscrew the bolt underneath the emblem. Stick the new emblem on the hood and screw the bolt back on.

Will a 2001 Camaro hood fit on a 1998 Camaro?


Where is the hidden vin on a 1988 Camaro?

should be a vin on either door on the sides and sometimes it's on the frame at the front of the car or on the hood if it's the hood that originally came with the car

Can a Camaro SS hood fit on a V6 Camaro of the same year?

yes the hood mounts the same way

What is sentence for emblem?

My wife loves that golden emblem.Ashoka Chakra is India's national emblem.

Will a 1994 Camaro hood fit 1995 Camaro?

By all means, yes it will

Did any 1970 Z-28 camaro ever have factory hood pins?

No - - Middle / Bottom of page lists available options - hood pins aren't listed. Doesn't mean they may not have been a dealer installed item - but I doubt it.

How do you open the hood of a 79 Camaro?

Theres a handle that sticks out from the front grill of the Camaro. Grab it and pull on it to pop the hood. You may have to pull it again in order to lift the hood after it has popped up.

Can I install any hood on my 1991 camaro?

any hood for a 82-92 will fit

Can a 2002 camaro hood fit on a 2004 impala?


How do you remove a hood emblem on a a 2003 beetle?

Click the link.

Does a 2002 Camaro front end fit a 1994 Camaro?

you would have to get the hood also, but the conversion can be done

Was there a Dodge emblem on a rally hood for 71 Challenger RT?

there are no dodge letters on the challenger hood at all.

Will a hood from a 1989 camaro iroc fit a 1991 Chevy camaro rs?

Yes it will.I put a hood from an 86 put on my 91 RS and it fit perfect. I later dumped it for a new 89 Z28 hood cause the 86 hood was not cherry.

Can you fit any hood on your 1991 camaro z28?

Of course not

Will a hood off a 91 camaro fit on a 92?


What is the part number for a BMW hood emblem?

Go to and they can help.

How do you open the hood of a 1970 Mercedes 350 with a broken hood latch?

To open the hood of a 1970 Mercedes 350, you can refer to your user manual.

How do you tell if your 91 cadillac deville is a touring?

If I'm not mistaken, the most obvious telltale on this body style would be the hood emblem, there isn't one. Normally these Devilles had the crest and wreath hood emblem, but on the Touring editions, this was deleted, and instead had a crest and wreath emblem on the grill.

Does a 82 Camaro hood fit on a 87 Camaro?

It should fit because they had the same front end from 82 - 90

Where is the 2 barrel carborator at n your 1984 camaro?

Under the hood