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Yes. 91-96 impala, roadmaster, caprice, and fleetwood rear end are all the same and will fit with no modifications.

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Q: Can a 1996 Chevy caprice classic rear end axle fit on a 1995 Chevy caprice classic?
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What is your question? how do bypass pass key but i no longer have the key for my 1996 caprice

Where is the oil filter located on a 2005 Chevy Caprice Classic?

chevy caprice's stopped being made after 1996....i believe! almost 100% sure

Where is 1996 Chevy Caprice classic coolant gage sender?

My coolant light come on want can it be.

Will rims from a 1995 caprice classic fit on a fleetwood cadillac years 1993-1996?


What was the last year that Chevy stopped making the caprice classic?

I believe it was in 1996. Please click the link that follows to see the ALL-New Chevy Caprice for 2010

1996 caprice classic?

1996 caprice can you remove 4.3 engine and install a 5.7?

How many gallons of gas does a 1996 Chevrolet caprice classic hold?

The 1996 Chevy Caprice holds 23 gallons of fuel. the vehicle had an estimated 16 mpg city, 24mpg on the highway.

When was the last year caprice classic was made?


Is there a fuel cutoff switch on a 1996 Caprice Classic?


What is the difference between a 1996 Chevy Caprice and a 96 Caprice Classic?

If Im Not Mistaken, There Was No Base Model For 1996, There Was Only The Classic Model. The Impala SS has a heavy duty suspension and a good deal more power. It has 17 inch wheels and low profile tires.

Can you drop a 1996 Chevrolet LT4 engine into an 1989 Chevrolet Caprice Classic?

yes you can use a 1996 lt4 engine into a 1989 Caprice Classic, and its easy. you can mail me at:

Can 1991 Chevy caprice springs fit on a 1996 caprice?

Yes. 1991-1996 springs are interchangeable.

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