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no. no it cannot. thank you.

fwd and rwd transmissions are completely incompatible.

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Q: Can a 1998 Ford Mustang transmission be installed in a 1998 Ford Contour SE?
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Where is the front pump transmission seal located at on a 1998 ford contour?

The Ford Contour was produced from the years 1995 to 2000. The front pump transmission seal in a 1998 Ford Contour is located very close to the camshaft.

Will 2002 mustang transmission fit 1998 mustang both 3.8l?

Not unless you can make universal mounts for the transmission, and you will have to figure the dimensions for the transmission and if it will fit JUUUUST right in it.

Is a 1998 ford escort ZX2 transmission compatible with a 1998 ford contour SE 2.0 liter?


Does a 1997 Ford Mustang transmission fit a 1998 Ford Mustang?

if they are the same model, then yes it certainly will.

Will a transmission from Taurus fit in a 1998 Contour?

Simply put: no.Very different.

Can a 1996 or 1997 Ford Mustang V6 transmission fit on a 1998 Ford Mustang V6?

Yes it certainly can.

Where is transmission dip stick on 1998 Ford Mustang manual transmission?

The manual transmission does not have a dipstick , there will be a fill plug somewhere on the transmission body

What type of transmission fluid goes in a 98 ford contour?

Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used in the automatic and the 5 speed manual transmission ( transaxle ) according to the 1998 Ford Contour Owner Guide

How many quarts of oil does the transmission of a 1998 mustang V6 need?


Why doesFord contour warms up and transmission starts to have trouble shifting bucking and noise?

Had same problem with 1998 ford contour gl. Replaced transmission range sensor and problem stopped.

What would cause 1998 ford contour transmission to pitch and buck?

broken motor mount

Where is the transmission filter located on a 1998 Ford Contour?

It is located inside the Transmission You will have to take the transmission apart it is in the middle of the trany. It would be cheaper to get a new trany.

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1998 Ford Contour?

the dipstick for the tranmission is on the drivers side in the back of motor.

How do you check transmission fluid in a 1998 Ford Mustang?

automatic..... dipstick under hoodstandard..... remove fill plug located on transmission and put fluid till it starts to come out. replace plugit is a standard...what kind of fluid does it take?====================================================Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used in the 5 speed manualtransmissions in a 1998 Ford Mustang ( and Mustang GT )

What type of transmission fluid do you put into a 1998 ford mustang with a manual transmission?

Your mustang with a manual transmission takes automatic transmission fluid. the capacity is 5.6 Pts (US). The fill plug is located on the side of the transmission. Macs Transmissions 281-394-4951

How do you change a flywheel for a 1998 Ford Contour?

flywheel replacement generally requires removal of the Transmission and Torque Converter .

How do you know that the transmission is bad in a 1998 ford contour?

Best to take it to a dealer for a check or a transmission specialist. Get two opinions to make sure if you don't trust them.

Do a 1998 town car transmission have a drain plug?

No, unless someone installed one.

Will 1998 Mustang wheels fit the 2000 Mustang?

Yes, wheels from a 1998 Mustang will work on a 2000 Mustang.

How do you install a radiator in a 1998 Ford Contour?

How do you install a radiator in a 1998 ford contour?"

Where is the transmission fluid dip stick on a 1998 ford mustang automatic?

The automatic transmission fluid dipstick is just to the passenger side of the engine by the firewall

How do you program a new key for a 1998 ford contour?

The keys on the 1998 Ford Contour are NOT chipped

Where is egr valve 1998 2.0 contour located?

where is egr valve on 1998 ford contour

How do you put the serpentine belt on a 1998 ford contour 20L?

I am trying to save myself some money and I want to change the serpentine belt on my 1998 ford contour 2 L manual transmission....any ideas out there I would really appreciate any advice.

1998 Ford contour What is the main power supply?

The battery is the main power supply of the 1998 Ford contour.