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Can a 230 volt 3 phase motor be connected to a 277 volt 3 phase circuit?


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2008-08-11 19:51:07
2008-08-11 19:51:07

Only if you want to damage it.

"277" Volt 3-phase will usually mean 277 from each phase to neutral, and 480 from phase to phase.

By "230 3-phase", you likely mean 120 phase-to-neutral, and 208 phase-to-phase.

If you really mean 230, then you are probably NOT talking about a three phase motor.

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Yes but the connection has to be to the 480 volt windings. Applying 277 volts to the 230 volt windings will damage the motor.

A volt can not be connected to a circuit.

no. it clearly needs a 415 volt 3 phase motor.

If they are in different rooms or side by side in the same room, and not connected together mechanically, there should not be a problem.

Question is incorrect. in a 240 Volt single phase circuit, how can you have A phase and B phase?

The wire can be used for dc or any number of phases provided it's thick enough to take the current you need. <<>> Any two legs of a three phase system can be classed a single phase. As long as the voltage required by the load is supplied by the supply it can be connected. A perfect example of this is on a 120/208 volt supply. This is a three phase supply allowing three phase 208 volt motor to be connected to it and also by using any two legs of the supply, a single phase 208 volt motor can also be connected.

You can not change it. 440 volt is by design. However you run it with 220 single phase supply, but it would run far lower power.

No, the voltage difference is too much. A 570 volt motor falls in the 600 volt range which is separate from the 480 volt range of three phase systems.

The voltage drop should not exceed 3% on a feeder or branch circuit.

110 volt supplies are usually single-phase so it's most likely to be a single phase motor. You can also tell by the number of wires or terminals. Only two indicates a single phase motor.

On a three wire supply system if you connect the two 110V wires together and they are across the phase they will short out and trip the breaker. If the two 110V wires are supplied from across the phase and connected to a motor then the motor will run. If the 110V wires are on the same phase nothing will happen.

If the motor wire numbers are L1, L2 and L3, it is not a single phase motor. It is a three phase motor. Also for future reference, a 220 volt single phase motor does not use a neutral.

The motor sounds like a multi-voltage motor that can be wired either 230v or 460v depending on how the leads are wired. So yes it should be able to be hooked to a 3 phase 480v system just make sure you follow the wiring diagram for hooking the leads up to 480v. when a manufacturer list 230v it normally operates at 240v and the same for 460v operating at 480 volts

You can reverse a 240 volt single phase motor with start capacitor by reversing the leads to the start winding.

If a 9.0 volt battery is connected to a 4.0-ohm and 5.0-ohm resistor connected in series, the current in the circuit is 1.0 amperes. If a 9.0 volt battery is connected to a 4.0-ohm and 5.0-ohm resistor connected in parallel, the current in the circuit is 0.5 amperes.

You don't, single phase motors that size are wired to 240 volt circuits, to put a 10 hp single phase motor on 440 volt would require a transformer and numerous other components. Use a 3 phase motor they are significantly cheaper to purchase.

No because 277 volt is a single phase of 3 phase connected with the neutral. Of a 3phase 480V y system electrical service.

you dont you have to buy a step down transformer or a new motor

220 volt single phase from 480 volt 3 phase that one wire taken one phase and second wire connected in earth point. we get 220 v The above answer is incorrect, one phase from a three phase 480 volt system will give you 277 volts to ground. You must use a transformer to get the voltage you need.

Yes, but the motor's horsepower rating will not be reached.

The difference is less than 10% so there should be no problem.

If it is a four wire (ie grounded) circuit, and the phase to neutral voltage is indeed 240 volts, then you can.

208 volts is not a common single phase voltage but you could just size your breaker to the capabilities of the conductor. 208 is normally a phase to phase voltage <<>> Many 230 volt motors can be connected to lower voltage supplies. These motors can be connected to supplies of 208 and 200 volts. The code requirement is that the 230 volt full load amperage of the motor be increased by 10% and 15% respectively for wire sizing and breaker selection. To answer the question you will need a two pole 15 amp breaker.

There are no three phase 120 volt systems.

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