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Answer 318 in 86 ComancheAnything is possible, but is it worth it? A lot of serious modification would be needed. A lot of money too. First,do some measurements of the 318 and the engine compartment in the truck, the 318 might be to wide to fit without major structural cutting and welding.
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Q: Can a 318 mount up in your 1986 Comanche?
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What does it take to put a 6-cylinder into your 1986 4 cylinder Comanche?

The Jeep Comanche came out in 1987 with a AMC 4.0L in line 6 cylinder engine. This engine is a perfect fit for the 1986 Comanche. My 1986 4x4 was originally shipped with a Renault Diesel engine. The engine was pulled and replaced with the 1987 AMC 4.0L in line 6 which is still running at 260 000KM. These engines can be picked up for anything from $200 - $2000. But why not sell your Comanche and buy a 4.0L in line 6 with 4x4.

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i have a 1970 dodge dart with a slant 6, 225 and need to know if a 318 out of 1970 dodge dart will mount up with the motor mounts and tranny.

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