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Can a Canadian citizen get a refund on any taxes paid out while shopping the the US?

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2008-08-18 01:11:40

"No" originally posted by another user. I slightly disagree with

the above information. I have lived in many places across Canada.

When I moved to Alberta, and went shopping south of the border I

was informed if I showed my Alberta government issued ID, I

wouldn't have to pay any sales tax when shopping in the U.S. This

has held true for all consecutive trips to the U.S. but is not

available using just any province id, but there is a list of

provinces that are elligable for the tax break. Just clarify if

your province is elligable next time you find your self on American

soil. I swear I once saw a brochure for a tax rebate for Canadians

during one of my last trips to Washington. Check on the immigration

website to see if they have it there to download.

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