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Can a Canadian marry a US citizen in the US?

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Yes, they can marry where ever they wish. However, there are Immigration laws that regulate if the Canadian can leave the US after their marriage. Re-Entry visa MUST be obtained BEFORE leaving the US by the Canadian until Resisdency is established.

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How does a US citizen become Canadian citizen?

the simplest way is to marry a canadian citizen

Can a US felon go to Canada If the marry a Canadian citizen?

Can a is felon go to Canada if they marry a Canadian citizen

Can a person with US tourist visa marry a Canadian citizen in the US?

Yes, if they get a marriage license.

How can a Canadian citizen become a US citizen?

can a Canadian citizen become us citizen

Can a Canadian man marry a man who is a US citizen?

Yes, there is no citizenship or residency requirement for marriage in either the US or Canada. However, if they marry in the United States, they will have to marry in a state that permits same-sex couples to marry (see related question below). They may, however, marry in any province in Canada. Because of current federal law, the American citizen may not sponsor his Canadian husband for US citizenship. However, the Canadian citizen can sponsor his American husband for Canadian citizenship.

Can a Mexican citizen marry a Canadian citizen while on vacation in Canada?

only men marry with women not citizen with citizen

Marry a Canadian citizen?

Go For It (:

I am a US citizen who wants to marry a Canadian man im in Canada now how can you do this without being separated?

Canadian marriageso you are looking for Canadian citizenship,,,,,I am free to marry but will cost $50,000 can.

Can a US citizen travel to Canada to marry her Canadian boyfriend?

Not if you don't want to be put to death.

Can a Canadian citizen marry a UK citizen and stay in the UK?


Can you be automatically a citizen in Canada if a Canadian citizen marry you?

It is not possible to become a Canadian Citizen just by marrying a Canadian citizen. Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage in any country.

Am Canadian living in US want to marry Australian citizen Can I become Australian citizen?

Your spouse would be able to sponser you for Australian citizenship

Can a Canadian citizen marry an American citizen in the US?

anyone can marry anyone from anywhere, however it does not make the immigrant legal, and alot of the time, has no effect on the courts decision if the immigrant can stay

Can a British citizen and a Canadian citizen marry and live in either country?


Can an illegal alien living in the US legally marry a Canadian citizen in the US?

Is the Canadian citizen also an American citizen or holds citizenship. if so then yes if not then. Technically no. This is because neither party holds a current American citizenship. If the Illegal alien was to marry upon Canadian territory then apply for american citizenship or Visa. But other wise legally no. However they should check.

Can a Canadian Citizen marry a Kurdish man?

yes you can you idiot

How long can you stay in the US if you marry a us citizen?

Actually if you marry a U.S. citizen you are now legal

Does an illegal alien in the US become a Canadian citizen if they marry a Canadian?

No. They still have to apply for citizenship through the immigration office. Even if they are married the application can be denied.

Can an us citizen marry a british citizen on vacation in the US?

yes If so then what steps would l being a us citizen need to follow after we marry in the us?

Can a Zambian citizen marry a us citizen and work in the US?

Yes a Zambian citizen can marry a Us citizen and work in the us because the zambian citizen can obtain a citizenship by marriage and automatically become a citizen of us and is allowed and qualified to work there.

As a citizen of Canada how do you marry a person not from Canada?

Canadian citizens are allowed to marry whoever they want.

Can a person become a US Citizen through having children with a US Citizen?

No. but if you marry a us citizen you can.

If a ghanaian citizen want to marry a us citizen would it be easier and quicker to marry in Ghana or us?


How can an alien from Mars marry a US citizen?

Aliens do not exist, and thus, they cannot marry any US citizen.

Can a UK citizen marry a visiting US citizen in the UK?

can a usa citizen marry a uk citizen wal visting the uk