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Q: Can a Illinois adult child who is 20 years old be FORCED to stay living with her adoptive mother?
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Is the term mother on a death certificate intended to mean birth mother?

Either birth mother or legal adoptive mother. In the case of adoption the adoptive mother becomes the birth mother in the eyes of the state

Can an adoption be terminated if the adoptive father divorces the adoptive mother?

No, legally they are both the parents.

What was Steve Jobs mother job?

His adoptive mother was an accountant.

Who is Tracy Beaker's mother?

Her adoptive mother is Cam. Her real mother is Carly..

What is an adoptive mother?

The word adoptive is an adjective meaning "one who has adopted." An adoptive mother would be one who has adopted a child who was not born from her. At the time of the adoption, the child becomes legally hers, just as if it were born from her.

What has the author Clare Marcus written?

Clare Marcus has written: 'Who Is My Mother Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Adoptees Talk About Living With Adoption and the Search for the Lost Family' 'Who Is My Mother?'

Who was the mother of Oedipus?

Oedipus' birth mother was his wife, Jocasta. His adoptive mother was Merobe.

What were Steve Jobs parents jobs?

His adoptive father was a machinist and his adoptive mother was an accountant. - wrong again.

Who is the Earth mother of Clark Kent?

Martha Kent is Superman's adoptive mother.

Who is Faith Hill's mother?

Faith Hill's biological mother is Paula White. Her adoptive mother is Edna Perry.

Who is Faith Hill's mother?

Faith Hill's biological mother is Paula White. Her adoptive mother is Edna Perry.

If an adoptive child wrote they want to kill their adoptive family and 2 years later threaten the adoptive mother with a deadly weapon can the adoptive parents annul the adoption?

odopted children are messed up.. u have learned ur lesson.

Who is namis mom?

We don't know who her real mother is, however her adoptive mother is named Bellemere

What is raksha?

Raksha is not a what but a who. Raksha (the Demon) is the name of Mother Wolf (Mowgli's adoptive mother) in the Jungle Books

Does Finn from Adventure Time have parents?

Yes, Finn from The Adventure Time does have parents. Martin is his biological father. Joshua is his adoptive father. Margaret is his adoptive mother.

What is the term used to describe an adoptive father?

I believe it is called a foster father, but why not ask your adoptive father? I doubt he'll be offended, and if you don't think he's the type to answer, ask a social worker, close relative (i.e. mother or adoptive mother), a friend who's also adopted, or a trusted and knowledgeable adult.

Who is Frances Allan to Edgar Allan Poe?

Frances Allan is Poe's foster mother. She is not his natural, adoptive or step mother.

What is peyton's mom's name on One Tree Hill?

Ellie Harp (biological mother) Anna Sawyer (adoptive mother)

When do you use adoptive and adopted in a sentence?

They are both adjectives, and "adopted" can be a verb as well. "Adoptive" modifies the person who is doing the adopting, e.g. "The adoptive mother." "Adopted" as an adjective modifies the person being adopted, as in "My adopted son." Adopted can also be the past tense of a verb, e.g. "I adopted my son in 2007." And to use both in one sentence: "The adoptive mother adopted her adopted son in 2007." Ta-da!

Who is Supermans mother?

his biological mother was Lara, and her husbands name was Jor-El. his adoptive mother id Martha Kent , and she is married to Jonathan Kent.

What happened to Clark Kent's adoptive parents?

This happens differently in different versions. In the older stories- both of his adoptive parents pass away before he sets out to be on his own. Then it started being where his adoptive father passed away and his adoptive mother would be around for a few more years. Now it usually is where both of his adoptive parents are still around to the present while he is Superman.

Can a child have a birth mother and an adoptive father at the same time and live with them both?


Why does my adoptive daughter hate her adoptive mother?

Because maybe she doesn't know her enough. Or maybe she doesn't want to feel like your wife is replacing her mother. You both should try to get to know her by spending quality time together as a family.

What is the full name of Bella and Edward's daughter?

Renesmee Carlie Cullen. 'Renesmee' comes from an amalgomation of 'Esme' and 'Renee' [Edward's adoptive mother and Bella's mother]. 'Carlie' comes from an amalgomation of 'Carlisle' and 'Charlie' [Edward's adoptive father and Bella's father].

Who was the Chipettes' mom?

The Chipettes' birth mother was never featured in the TV series or films. Their adoptive mother is Miss Beatrice Miller.