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Can a Mac virus infect a PC?


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There are no mac viruses and if there were, no


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Not unless you are running Windows on your Mac. You do not need anti-virus software on your Mac slowing it down. There has never been a real world virus infect the Mac OSx. There have been a handful of malwares infect a Mac but if you are safe and smart they will not infect your Mac. Been using an iMac for 4 years without one infection and I run no security software.

A computer virus is not fussy, it will infect a Mac if it is not protected, you need to install antivirus software.

I have owned a PC and a Mac and I think the Mac is better. The Mac is not as likely to get a virus. The Mac also boots up a lot quicker than the PC. And you don't have to deal with Vista on a Mac!

There are no viruses that affect a Mac running Mac OS X. Not quite read here:

How does a virus infect it's host?

There are no viruses that affect Mac OS X. If the Mac is running Windows then it can be infected by any virus that a PC running Windows can get.

You can download a free antivirus for a PC such as AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials or Comodo Internet Security. If you have a mac Sophos Anti-virus, Comodo AntiVirus for Mac and PC Tools iAntiVirus.

Yes, a virus can infect RAM. By doing this, the virus is able to persist and infect any programs that are executed afterwards.

The human immunodeficiency virus may infect anyone exposed to the virus.

Apple MAC PC and Linux based PC system are best as they are built in such a way that they are not affected by any kind of virus harm.

Bacteriophage's can infect bacteria.

No virus is safe the only way to be 100% protected is to have a mac or a linux-unix PC

There are no viruses infecting Mac OS X.

i dont have a clue but i havent got a virus yet my friend's said it does but on yahoo answers it ses it doesant ? i dont know

Yes, a MacBook Air might get a virus. It is very rare that a MacBook Air will get a virus but there are some malware programs out there that will infect a MacBook Air.

Conficker only affects Microsoft's Windows operating system and so will not infect a Mac running Mac OS X.

virus that infect bacteria

depends on must have a mac or pc

Viruses only infect living organisms and since they are not alive, they can not infect other viruses. The question is interesting though.

The infect your computer by being undetected by your anti virus and posing as a harmless file.

DNS is not a virus. DNS stands for Domain Name Servers or a way how your PC will connect to the web. This virus the FBI Terminated was called DNSChanger. Macs were hard to edit as always'

There are no viruses that infect Mac OS X so it is impossible to detect a virus. You can use ClamXAV to check if there are Windows viruses that you may be passing onto people using a computer with the Windows operating system. If your Mac software is up to date it will inform you if you have managed to download and install some form of Malware on your Mac.

LOTS ON A PC. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, who knows? Symantec's anti-virus definitions download file is over 30MB! If you use a PC, you need a good Firewall and security software. NONE ON A MAC. There are no known active Mac viruses, though they are theoretically possible. Macro and e-mail viruses can be transmitted by Mac programs but to date will not affect the Mac itself. The built in Mac security is adequate for most users.

Almost all viruses are written for the PC. They do not execute on the MAC. Also what makes a virus a virus, is that it can spread to other computers. If 100 unprotected windows computer are on a network, and one gets infected, it will infect all others. If malicious software got on a mac, that was written for a mac, they would have to first type in their admin password to make it install, but it could not spread to other computers because of internal security.

PC Cillin is an anti-virus software that protects your computer against viruses and other dangerous malware that may be on your computer. It also can remove viruses if they infect your computer.

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