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Can a US-citizen join the Irish Army?


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No. You must be a citizen an EU country in order to join the Irish Army

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yes. Irish Citizens are entitled to Join the British Army

No, Ireland and Britain are different countries, you would have to leave the Irish Army, then try to get permission to join the British army

No. The Irish military only accepts citizens of Ireland and other EU countries.

legally immigrate to the united states, then apply.

Yes, an Irish person has to take an oath of allegiance to the British crown if they decide to join the British Army.

You need to be a Canadian citizen to join the Canadian Forces.

The Royal Irish Regiment is actually a British military regiment and these days is usually composed of soldiers from Northern Ireland however not exclusively. So in regards to joining that particular regiment you would have to find out the UK's stance on American applicants. As for the Irish army i dont think you can without being an Irish citizen, i suppose no more then we can join the American military in the same way.

Irish Army was created in 1924.

Over 17 years old and under 25 years old, and there's a ban on recruitment in the Irish army at the moment.

38,554 Irish people from Ireland (not Northern Ireland) chose to join the Brits in the war against Hitler. They served in the various Royal forces, mostly Army.

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The Irish Republican Army started in 1922.

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If your country is in the Commonwealth, like India, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji or Jamaica for example, then there is no problem for you to join the British Army. If you are Irish you are also allowed to join the British Army. If you are from outside the Commonwealth or Ireland, however, you have to apply for British citizenship.

Yes, any Irish or commonwealth national can join the British armed services, although an oath to HM the Queen is mandatory.

The Irish Republie Army were formed in 1919 - 1922

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Children do not join the US Army. There is an exception for someone 17.5 years old to join the Army, with parental consent.

Irish Republican Liberation Army was created in 2006.

Provisional Irish Republican Army was created in 1969.

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