Can a US citizen who is unemployed sponsor his wife whose I-94 has not expired yet for US citizenship?

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The US citizen can sponsor his wife for a green card, not for US citizenship. Since he is currently unemployed, he will need to get a joint sponsor to complete an affidavit of support for his wife.
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If you are a non-us citizen and you are married to a US citizen but your I-94 has expired can you still apply for a green card?

Yes you can, your spouse would have to file all the necessary papers for you. The I-130, I-485, I-765 along with the I-864 affidavit of support. If your spouse is does not meet the required dollar amount in income, they can have a family member or friend sponsor you jointly. These documents would ha ( Full Answer )

Can an alien get citizenship if he comes to the US on a visitor's visa and is in the process of applying for a student visa when the visitor's visa expires but he married an American citizen?


How long does it take to get your US citizenship if you marry a US citizen?

A permanent resident can apply for citizenship after 3 years of marriage to a US citizen. You will need to fill out form N-400 ( Naturalization) which comes with a $330 (processing fee) and a $70 Biometric (finger print & background check). If you are applying based on 5 years as a Permanent Resi ( Full Answer )

How many unemployed US citizens are there?

The government will only acknowledge 13.9 million unemployed American . See the Related Link below. However, many of the unemployed have become invisible as long-term unemployment has taken hold and they have fallen out of sight.

Can a us citizen sponsor you to live legally in the US?

A citizen of the United States or an organization or business cansponsor a person or family to live in the United States. Thecitizen must prove that he or she can provide financially for theimmigrant until employment is secured.

What do you do if your Visa expires if you marry a US citizen?

Someone can marry a US citizen on a travel Visa as long as it hasnot expired. The person also needs to give a reason that hetraveled to the US on other visits, other than the sole reason formarrying and remaining a citizen.

My green card is about to expire should I applY for the us citizenship?

You can apply for naturalization if you are confident that you are eligible. It is not always in the best interest of a permanent resident to apply to become a naturalized citizen. When you apply for naturalization, you are giving the government information that may result not only in denial of y ( Full Answer )

What are US citizenship sponsors responsibilities?

By filing the affidavit of support for the alien relative the US citizen is fully responsible for the financial requirements of that alien until alien is capable to take care of the financial requirements. Proof in form of tax returns filed papers,assets, bank statements, job identity etc are requir ( Full Answer )

How long after marrying a US citizen do you get citizenship?

After marrying a US citizen if you were given the conditional status valid for 2 years you can apply for green card 90 days before conditional status expires. If you are still married and living with the same US citizenship after three years of getting the green card you are eligible to apply for US ( Full Answer )

How can a US citizen sponsor an immigrant he is married to?

It's not an easy task but there are ways to sponsor your spouse. First of ask around other immigrants, they probably know of places that can help you know where to start. There are people out there who dedicate much of their time to helping immigrants gain citizenship. There isn't much help on the I ( Full Answer )

Can Canadian citizen get US Citizenship?

yes u can get a US citizenship... If u r working on a TN visa, you can't apply.Other visas like H-1B only allows dual intend.At the outset you will need to have physical presence in the US for minimum 5 years.Form N-400 will be the form you would need to apply with for US citizenship. A Green ( Full Answer )

Can a US citizen marry UK citizen and get citizenship in UK?

Sometimes. A US citizen can marry anybody he/she likes. If a US citizen marries a UK citizen, that alone will not entitle him/her to UK citizenship. The US Citizen will stand to lose the US citizenship if he/she applies to get naturalized as a US citizen. UK citizenship can be acquired sometimes ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to be a citizen of the US to gain citizenship?

Your question doesn't make much sense. If you are a citizen you don't have to "gain citizenship" you already have it. That said, if you are a non-citizen living in the United States of America and have lived there for Five (5) years you can apply for citizenship.

How do you get citizenship after marryin US citizen?

You can apply for US citizenship if you are married to a US citizen and able to establish residency for three years, you must be physically present in the US for at least one and a half years before filing Form N400. The applicant must have a primary residence where they have lived at least three mo ( Full Answer )

When i get us citizenship after marriage of US citizen?

The applicant is a permanent resident ("green card" holder) with valid green card for a period of the past 5 years. If married to U.S. Citizen you may apply after 3 years with valid green card. One exception prevails - if an applicant has served in the United States armed forces during war, that ind ( Full Answer )

Does marriage to a US citizen confer citizenship on you?

Basic criteria to be eligible for US citizenship is to be a green card holder and above 18 years of age. Through the marriage to a US citizen the spouse can get green card after the third anniversary. Following which he or she qualifies to apply for US citizenship using the immigration Form N-400 ca ( Full Answer )

Can a parents in India get us citizenship if their child is a us citizen?

No, US citizen child can sponsor for the parents to come to US. Once they get their green card either through consular process staying outside US or Form I-130 petition while in US, they are eligible to apply for US citizenship by naturalization process by filing Form N-400 after continuous stay in ( Full Answer )

How can a citizen lose there citizenship in the US?

POTENTIALLY EXPATRIATING ACTS Section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1481), as amended, states that U.S. citizens are subject to loss of citizenship if they perform certain specified acts voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. citizenship. These acts inclu ( Full Answer )

How do you sponsor an illegal for US citizenship?

Sponsoring an illegal alien as a friend or relative can be complicated. The key is to successfully fill out a petition form and an Affidavit of Support. On these forms, you must prove that you can successfully take care of the illegal alien as well as proving yourself as a true U.S. citizen. Fill ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to get your US citizenship if i am applying from a US citizen?

Depending on the number of U.S. Citizenship applications the USCIS offices receive in each state the length of time for the entire process changes. In a few U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly known as the INS) district offices,the swearing-in ceremony for receiving the nat ( Full Answer )

Can a US citizen sponsor their sister-in-law?

If you are referring to the form 485, then yes, you can file as a sponsor. Just remember that you cannot PETITION your sister in law (only your spouse would be able to do that)

How can a us citizen loose there citizenship?

You cannot 'lose' your citizenship, No matter if you move to a different country you'll always be an US citizen unless you go through legal ways to change that; Its your choice though. If you break the law or anything of that nature you can have some of your rights revoked or temporarily suspended b ( Full Answer )

HOw to get citizenship in the US if my parents are citizen?

Citizenship in US can either be acquired by birth or through naturalization process. For naturalization you need to file the completely filled Form N-400. In order to be eligible to file you should be at least of 18 years of age and a green card holder in the US who has continuous physical residence ( Full Answer )

Can US citizen have two wife?

No. Having two wives is bigamy, and bigamy is against federal law. The US Supreme Court has deemed that even religions that traditionally practiced polygamy (Mormons, etc.) are in direct conflict with federal law and cannot use religious affiliation as a defense.

Who can be sponsored to become a US citizen?

No one needs sponsorship to become a US citizen. Foremost criteria for becoming a US citizen is that you need to be a green card holder first.Any one who is above age of 18 years and has been in US as a green card holder for the past minimum 5 years can go ahead and apply for US citizenship by filin ( Full Answer )