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The US citizen can sponsor his wife for a green card, not for US citizenship. Since he is currently unemployed, he will need to get a joint sponsor to complete an affidavit of support for his wife.

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The citizen has to sponsor n is always the primary sponsor but, yes, co-sponsors are allowed.

they cannot have citizenship based solely on your relationship with them. you can only sponsor them and they will need to apply for their own citizenship after you have had your for one year.

Yes, an American citizen may sponsor a same-sex Mexican spouse for a visa, permanent residency and, ultimately, citizenship.

No, but the person you marry can sponsor your citizenship making it easier. It takes about a year, because the us citizen will be investigated and both people have to prove that it is a real marriage and not a ploy just to get citizenship.

can a canadian citizen sponsor his wife who is an american citizen if the candian citizen has a felony on his record

No, you cannot. The US citizen has to sponsor you to move to the US. After you get your permanent residency (green card) then you have to live 3 to 5 years continuously in the US and then apply for US citizenship.

You can't become a citizen, only children of Emirati parents are eligible for citizenship You can obtain temporary residency, but you need to have a valid/ legal labour contract with a local company who will then sponsor for you for residency.

Yes, there is no citizenship or residency requirement for marriage in either the US or Canada. However, if they marry in the United States, they will have to marry in a state that permits same-sex couples to marry (see related question below). They may, however, marry in any province in Canada. Because of current federal law, the American citizen may not sponsor his Canadian husband for US citizenship. However, the Canadian citizen can sponsor his American husband for Canadian citizenship.

Becoming a U.S. citizen has many advantages including the right to vote and the ability to sponsor relatives to come to the United States.So do start to apply for US citizenship today! Becoming a U.S. citizen gets you the right to vote and the ability to sponsor relatives to come to the United States. Also the right to join judiciary and to travel abroad freely.

No, they cannot. The Canadian spouse must sponsor the immigration. After living 3 years out of the past four years in Canada, then they can apply for Canadian citizenship.

There is nothing illegal for a US citizen to marry a non-citizen. This marriage will entitle the non-citizen to a number of benefits as the US Citizen can sponsor his/her Citizenship. What matters is whether the non-citizen is legally staying in the US.Illegal residence will lead to deportation and rejection of further visa applications of the non- US Citizen.

A certificate of domestic partnership will not help you obtain US citizenship, since the federal government does not recognize domestic partnerships or civil unions.If a foreigner is legally married to an American citizen, then the citizen spouse can generally sponsor the foreign spouse for a visa, permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.

Yes, effective June 26, 2013, an American citizen may sponsor a same-sex fiancé(e) for a visa and a same-sex spouse for permanent residency, leading eventually to citizenship.

Yes, the sponsor must maintain the immigrant up to 125% of the poverty level until death, citizenship, or 10 years.

No, howver if you are Citizen you may sponsor a parent

Anyone that is a citizen or has legal residency can serve as a sponsor

As of June 26, 2013, an American citizen may sponsor a foreign spouse of the same sex for a visa, permanent residency and, eventually citizenship.

Can anyone clarify the question? To my understanding, an adult cannot be adopted, regardless of citizenship status... An adult can not be adopted. Perhaps the questioner is thinking of sponsor?

Becoming a U.S. citizen gets you the right to vote and the ability to sponsor relatives to come to the United States. Also the right to join judiciary and to travel abroad freely.

The process of gaining US Citizenship requires that you meet many criteria, one of which is that you have a sponsor. Typically that sponsor is your Husband or fiancee regardless of their criminal past.So yes, your husband can support your application and sponsor you.However, the Dept of Homeland Security has broad powers to determine if an application is fraudulent, or if there are other disqualifying factors. You should check with an immigration attorney for your specific circumstances.

No. The parents have to go through the normal channels for citizenship with the INS. Another view: A child can sponsor green cards for the parents if the child is a US citizen above 21 years of age. The parents then have to be permanent residents (green card holders) for 5 years and meet other eligibility requirements before they can file a citizenship application.

You cannot sponsor someone who is already here illegally. You CAN sponsor them if they go home and apply for entry with a sponsor who will provide a home and/or a job.

you and the sponsor have to fill it, one for each.