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Can a US green card holder travel to Canada with their Iranian passport without the visa?


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Yes, you can. You just have to take your green card along with your Iranian passport.


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if i am Iranian passport holder with indefinite ,remain in UK in my passport . to which countries i can travel with out visa?

You will be sent to Jail if you go without your passport.

Yes, you still need a visa. But it's better if you apply from the US not Iran. If you are an Iranian green card holder, you can visit Canada without visa though. Same with Bahamas, Costa Rica, Bermuda and Jamaica.* Remember to always have your passport with you when visiting these countries otherwise the US won't allow you to comeback with just the green card.

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Australian passport holders may visit Canada without a visa for the purpose of tourism and/or business for a stay of maximum 6 months per year.

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A Portuguese passport holder doesn't need a visa to visit Canada, just a passport. However, if you want to stay for over 3 months you do need a visa, and if you want to stay for over half a year you also need a medical examination.

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I live in the USA with a Green Card but am a citizen of the UK and a UK Passport holder. I am thus to the USA/US Immigration a foreign passport holder.

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