Can a Volkswagen Beetle float on water?

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If there are no holes in the floor pan and all the seals are good, VW Bugs will float. Right now, after what--30 or 40 years collecting pan holes and dry-rotted seals?--you should not try it. Oh yes...on the 1970 and later Bugs there are those little grilles behind the back windows. You've seen 'em, right? Volkswagen "officially" sez they're in there for ventilation. The real reason they're in there is because with the 1969s and earlier, that didn't have those vents, the car was sealed so tightly you couldn't slam the doors shut because they wouldn't latch if you tried it.
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How do you replace a starter on a 1999 Volkswagen Beetle?

you start by taking out the 2 bolts the hold the starter in,, then disconnect the wires and replace i mean disconnect wires first or one bolt then one wire then the other bold AND OTHER WIRE

How do you replace speakers on a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle?

Parts needed: 2 sets of 6-1/2 speakers 4 one inch spacers (for each speaker) 16 two inch self tapping screws to mount the speakers to existing screw holes Note: Cut off the connector that is part of the body of the OE speakers and solder them to the pigtails that came with the replacement ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the horn on your Volkswagen beetle?

Answer \n. \nThe OTHER place Volkswagen liked to put horns on Classic Beetles is right in front of the front left wheel. It's close to the bumper bracket. You know how on really old Bugs, there are little oval grilles in the front fenders? The horn's right behind where those are, or would be. \n. ( Full Answer )

How do you turn on the heater on a 1973 Volkswagen beetle?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI think. it would be the knobs on each side of the parking brakes(if they are still there in that year) pull them both up (i think) while the motor is on and you should get warm air to come out.\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou probably CAN'T turn it on, unless: the heate ( Full Answer )

How do you fill the water in a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle?

Answer . Add coolant to the overflow bottle. USE ONLY VW PINK ANTI-FREEZE!!\n. \n. \n________________________________________________________________\n. \n. \nVW's historically had air-cooled engines but they now have a closed cooling system. \n. \nThe coolant overflow bottle is part of th ( Full Answer )

When did the Volkswagen Beetle first appear in the US?

In 1949. . 1949. The first Volkswagen Beetles were officially imported to the US in 1949. That year, there were two Volkswagen Beetles sold. These were the models with two half-circle rear windows, also known as the Split-Window Beetles.

Where is the ECU located on a Volkswagen Beetle?

Volkswagen Generally Between wipers under plastic scuttle panel Volkswagen Sharan In engine bay near battery On a late model VW Beetles The ECU is located inside of the dash, behind instrument cluster. You gain access to it by removing three pieces of the dash from the top side. More details on ho ( Full Answer )

How can you lower the front of your 1970 Volkswagen beetle?

\n. \n. \nIf it's NOT a Super Beetle (struts) then just search for - lowered front end for Beetle - and you should get alot of hits for parts and info on exactly how. Depends on how much you want to spend and and "how low ya wanna go". Don't forget to tell them what Wheels and Tires you want or ha ( Full Answer )

What is the ASR button for in a Volkswagen beetle?

\nASR = anti-slip regulation. Power limiter works with the anti-lock break system to "nanny" front wheel slip. \n. \nBasically it ruins first gear on my turbo beetle, causing engine lag, so I always deactivate it to get the zoom-zoom feeling.

What mileage should you get with a Volkswagen beetle diesel?

i guess that depends on what year it is. i think that they take a while to break in. i have a 99 beetle tdi and if the tires are correctly inflated and the fuel injector have been well maintained i can get 40-42mpg in the city and about 50-53mpg on the highway

What is the average price of a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle?

the average price of a 2001 beetle depends on the mileage of a car. a 100,000+ mileage still cost up to $17k. you should look on car classifieds to be able to compare car prices to get the best deal. i had put a link that could help you. good luck.

How do you adjust valves on a 1969 volkswagen Beetle?

Two comments:\n. \nthis is done with the engine completely cold this is done every other oil change\n. \nYou need:\n. \nflat-tip screwdriver 13mm box-end wrench .006" and .008" feeler gauges 30mm socket and ratchet two new valve cover gaskets, and some kind of mechanic's glue to glue them into th ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a head on a 1961 Volkswagen Beetle?

Right now you don't. The head you need is no longer available, so what I would do if I was you is to buy a New 1600cc Longblock and put a dual-carb setup on it. This will cost you lots and lots of dollars, but it will make the car so much more fun to drive.

Where is the ECM located on a Volkswagen new beetle?

if you look on the dash you will see a hump running down the middle, if you push down and forward on that hump right underneath the windshield it will come off and reveal some screws .i cant remember if it is on the drivers side or the passengers side but taking the screws and panels off will reveal ( Full Answer )

How do you set the points on a Volkswagen beetle?

There are two ways. Both start the same way.\n. \nThe cheap and dirty method requires a .016" feeler gauge, a 30mm wrench and a flat-tip screwdriver. Take the distributor cap off, followed by the rotor. Turn the engine with the wrench until the points are open all the way. Stick the feeler gauge in ( Full Answer )

How do you get the starter off a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle?

The thing you're attempting to remove looks like two cans hooked together--a big one, and a little one with two wires coming out of it.\n. \nUnhook the battery, first of all.\n. \nNext, jack up the car and put it on jackstands. The starter lives on the right-hand side of the transmission, about si ( Full Answer )

Where is the float on a VW Beetle carburetor?

inside it- remove the air filter from above, and there will be five screws (flat head type) on the top of the carb. undo those, and lift the top of the carb off. the float chamber is the bit furthest away from you, and the float is the (usually) brown plastic, hopefully air filled, box.

How long will Volkswagen beetle last?

Forever. The Volkswagen Beetle is the most loved car in history, so it's the classic car with the very best parts availability. With very, very few examples, you can get a new example of any part for any Bug and have it shipped to you in a couple of days--or at least a part that WILL work if you mak ( Full Answer )

How do you drain water separator 2003 volkswagen beetle?

Little white knob under fuel filter. Haven't even touched mine after 10k... probably will sooner or later. I trust my fuel sources. Remember, diesel fuel looks like water, so drain an ounce or so, then check to see if there is any separation of fuel and water. You will probably just drain good ol' f ( Full Answer )

What can cause Oil in water 1998 volkswagen beetle?

If it has been overheated it is more than likely the head gasket,if it has not it could be your oil cooler if it is so equipped. If for some reason it lost coolant and it was not replaced with coolant but water instead it could also have a blown head gasket because of something called electrolysis. ( Full Answer )

Who invented the Volkswagen beetle?

Most people think Adolf Hitler invented the Volkswagen but Ferdinand Porsche was already working on it then Adolf Hitler stole that idea and worked with Ferdinand Porsche on the beetle

How do you jump start a Volkswagen beetle?

First clip on the dead battery +(positive), Second clip on Good battery +This is the same color cable if you have color cables or just make sure that what you connect it is of the same polarity positive with positive and negative with ground (body of dead battery vehicle), Third clip on Good battery ( Full Answer )

Do you have to replace water pump or head if the timing belt goes on a Volkswagen beetle?

In general, no. Like all things mechanical it will depend on several factors. If the engine overheated prior to the timing belt failure then most times the problem is a faulty water pump impeller. Replace the water pump. Until the engine is back running it is difficult to know if there is damage to ( Full Answer )