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Can a bank in Tennessee issue a warrant for your arrest for being 3 months late on your payment?


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2015-07-14 16:07:48
2015-07-14 16:07:48

No, its a civil matter, not criminal so don't let a repo person or ANYONE else tell you anything different.


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Yes you can... Warrants do not show up on background checks-only things you have been convicted for. I had an arrest warrant for 6 months that I didn't know about and still got a job within that time. Now if they figure out where you work, they will come n snatch you up there-be careful!!

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if you have pending allegations of a felony drug charge, but were never arrested, rather you went to the hospital after a concerned family member called 911, and never exchanged information with police who show up, but they find a gram or two of drugs at the scene... only to be called by a detective 2 months later saying they have a warrant for an arrest, does this mean just that? THEY HAVE A WARRANT FOR AN ARREST? And on what grounds, if someone was never caught with the actual drugs, never arrested or informed... is this possible?

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You can sue for anything. Just go see a lawyer for more details on exactly what you can do and your chances of winning.

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Contact an attorney. Whether or not he was given his rights isn't material to the warrant or arrest. A person needs to be advised of their right before any custodial interrogation or any statements (and their fruit) may be excluded from court. If it was 15 months between the investigatory interview and the arrest then the original interview was probably not a 'custodial interrogation.'

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