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No, its a civil matter, not criminal so don't let a repo person or ANYONE else tell you anything different.

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Q: Can a bank in Tennessee issue a warrant for your arrest for being 3 months late on your payment?
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What happens when you don't pay a traffic ticket for two months in Omaha Nebraska?

Most agencies will issue a warrant to arrest.

Is someone able to get a job with an arrest warrant?

Yes you can... Warrants do not show up on background checks-only things you have been convicted for. I had an arrest warrant for 6 months that I didn't know about and still got a job within that time. Now if they figure out where you work, they will come n snatch you up there-be careful!!

Can you be arrested in one state if you have a warrant in another and sent back to the state with the warrant to face charges?

if you have pending allegations of a felony drug charge, but were never arrested, rather you went to the hospital after a concerned family member called 911, and never exchanged information with police who show up, but they find a gram or two of drugs at the scene... only to be called by a detective 2 months later saying they have a warrant for an arrest, does this mean just that? THEY HAVE A WARRANT FOR AN ARREST? And on what grounds, if someone was never caught with the actual drugs, never arrested or informed... is this possible?

Can you sue for false arrest based upon your spending a couple months in jail on an identity theft warrant?

You can sue for anything. Just go see a lawyer for more details on exactly what you can do and your chances of winning.

Your son was questioned for an investigation over 15 months ago and arrested last night on a warrant over 1 year old he has never had his rights read to him so Where do you stand?

Contact an attorney. Whether or not he was given his rights isn't material to the warrant or arrest. A person needs to be advised of their right before any custodial interrogation or any statements (and their fruit) may be excluded from court. If it was 15 months between the investigatory interview and the arrest then the original interview was probably not a 'custodial interrogation.'

What is statute of limitations in Texas for a felony charge on credit card abuse?

Typically, the statute of limitations would be 7 years. However, it is important to understand that this applies to situations where a crime has been committed but no warrant was issued in the defendant's name. Even if the defendant's name is not known, a John Doe warrant can be issued. Once a warrant is issued for an offense, it NEVER goes away. It may become inactive after a period of time, say, 6 months. Even so, it can be reactivated easily by a LEO. Furthermore, if an LEO knows there is a warrant existing in your name, he may lawfully arrest you EVEN IF THE WARRANT IS INACTIVE. After arrest, the warrant may be re-activated. So...the truth of the answer to your question is...never.

In Pennsylvania can a warrant be issued for your arrest if a car payment is 4 months past due and the lender has charged off the loan.?

NO, They might , IF they wanted to go that route, charge you with "hindering a secured creditor" if you wont give up the car. No this is a civil matter you will not be arrested for ANYTHING related to not paying your car loan.The above poster is wrong he is a repo guy who tells people these kinds of things to make his job easier.

What can you do if your mortgage payment is 2 months late?

call the mortgage holder and make payment arrangements

How far behind on child support do you have to be before a warrant is issued?

18 months

What is the average rate of delay between arrest and sentencing?

6 months

What will happen if you haven't paid a speeding ticket that you got 8 months ago in Oklahoma?

If you haven't paid a ticket, you must respond and show up in court or your drivers license can be suspended. A warrant can also be issued for your arrest since it has been so long.

What fine do you get for resisting arrest in Canada?

The fine for resisting arrest in Canada is a $5,000. You may also be subjected to a period of 6 months in jail.

What is the penalty for expired license in California?

The penalties for an expired license depend on the citation you received. An appearance in court is required. The penalties could be a maximum $1000 fine, 6 months in jail, or 3 years probation. Failure to appear in court will result in a warrant for your arrest.

Is there a statute of limitations on misdermeanors in Tennessee?

In Tennessee it is normally one year. For gaming violations it is only six months.

When is it going to snow in Tennessee?

There isn't much snowfall in the state of Tennessee. If it does snow it will probably be in the months of December and January.

You cosigned a loan and your daughter has not paid the payment for 10 months Can you take her to small claims court to sue her for non payment?

If you made the payment, yes.

Who sang the original song of We Will Rock You?

Warrant....they charted it 4 months before Queen

How long did and Anne Frank disappered for?

I am going to guess that you mean"How long was she in captivity after her arrest". She was a prisoner for almost exactly seven months from arrest to death.

Can you pay double next month if you skip current payment for car insurance?

No, but you could pay double the payment when it is due and not pay the following months payment.

Sentence on violation probation for DUI Hillsborough county Florida?

any arrest or negative contact with police can be a violation of probation and sometimes it takes the state months to catch it........ for instance my b/f got arrested in June while on probation and was released.... all charges were dropped but now when he reported in September he was told he had a warrant for his arrest for a violation from that arrest in June.... however for a violation they usually let you see a judge with in ten days and they usually solve it at the first appearance... good luck

How long is the warranty on a Kenmore dishwasher?

The average warrant for a Kenmore dishwasher is around 12 months.

How much time does resisting arrest carry in North Carolina?

Up to six months.

Is there a statute of limitations on a misdemeanor in Tennessee?

That depends on the specific charges in Tennessee. In most cases it will be one year, but could be six months.

Is it legal to send a ticket in the mail after 17 months?

It would be wise to call the Clerk of the Court or the Violations Bureau in the jurisdiction that issued the ticket to check. My adivce is to DO SO A.S.A.P., because, if it was a 'moving' violation, it is more than likely that there is an outstanding warrant in the system for your arrest for unpaid traffic fines.

In Colorado can the last child support payment be prorated when the months payment is due on the 1st and the 19th birthday ending support is on the 10th?