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Yes, for fees. You should read the fine print in your start up paperwork, you can find that answer there. If the account holder has a loan at the bank the bank may legally use a "set off" action to remove the payment amount (and arrears if any) when the agreed terms of the financial transaction are not being met. If you ask, they can show you the document that you signed agreeing to allow the charges or withdrawals. It could be on the application for a checking account (I agree to pay all service fees . . . .) or on a loan agreement (Any monies deposited in my accounts . . . .) or some other document.

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Q: Can a bank take money out of your account without your permission?
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Can a bank transfer money from one account to another without permission?

No. A bank cannot do that. A bank cannot transfer money from one account to another without prior approval or permission from the account holder from whose account money is going to be taken. If such a thing happens, the affected customer can sue the bank.

Can a wife take money out of her husband's bank account without his permission?

Legally, in most cases, yes. Ethically, no, not without permission.

Can a bank close your checking or savings account without your permission?

Yes. Just as you can close it without their permission.

Can a bank transfer money from one account to another to pay off fees without permission?


Can some one add money to your bank acc without your permission?

The only way someone could deposit money into your account is if they have your full bank account number with the name on the account. If they have this information yes they can deposit money any time they want.

Can a finance company take money out of my account without my permission?

Not unless the creditor has a judgment order and executes it as a bank levy.

Can a bank move your funds from one account to another without your permission?

No. It is your account and the bank cannot move funds from one account to another without your approval or rather without you asking them for it.

Is it illegal for a bank to reopen a customer's account without permission?


Can a bank transfer money from a private account of a director of a Ltd company to the ltd company without the permission of the director?

I don't think they can

Can a creditor take money from deceased bank account without written permission from executor?

It is possible for it to happen. They would have to have a court order to do so.

Can you open a bank account at 17 without parent permission in Michigan?

No its 18

If the mortgage lender and the checking account bank are the same does it help to open an account elsewhere to avoid them taking money from the account for delinquent payments?

it is my understanding that the only people who can take money from your account without your permission are the IRS to pay back taxes. unless you sign somthing giving the bank permission to take money out of your checking account I don't think they can do it. make sure you read the fine print of any loan document so you know that you are not giving them the right to take money out of your checking account.

Can a car creditor who repossessed a car take money out of your bank without permission?

No one can take money out of your account without a court order. The exception being payments to the bank itself for administration purposes or penalties. These, however, would be set out in the initial contract.

Can the lender freeze bank accounts?

In most cases, lenders cannot freeze bank accounts. They can, however, in some cases collect money from a bank account without permission from the account owner. That takes a judge's intervention. Most lenders will not go that far.

Can a spouse forge your signature without your permission on a check?

Yes If You have A Joint Bank Account i guess

Can a loan company take money out of your bank account without permission?

No. No one can access your account without your permission. Some payday lenders will keep trying, even after you tell them not to. In that case, you should let your bank know what's going on and close your account. You can open up a new one that they don't have access to. I would assume that at one time you told them they could take payments out of your account, but if you tell them to stop then they are obligated to do so.

How do you take money out of the bank without bankrobbing?

Make a bank account and ask to withdraw.......

How do you input money into a PayPal without a bank account?

I don't think it would work without a bank accout.

What is a savings?

your money that you have in a bank account your money that you have in a bank account

How do you put money on an account?

Walk into an ATM and deposit the money into your bank accountWalk into the bank branch (any bank that you have an account with) and deposit the money into your bank account

Money has gone into my account in error can the bank take it back without my permission?

Yes, they absolutely without a doubt can take it back. Just because they erred and put it in the wrong account (yours) doesn't not mean you are entitled to it. If your money went into someone elses account due to bank error, wouldn't you want the bank to take it back and give it to you? If you notice(d) it before they did, wouldn't you want to be honest and call them to tell them?

Who can touch your bank account?

People who you have given permission through the bank.

Can your bank take money from your account without your consent?

Yes that is why they pay intrest on your money they use

Can a bank go in your savings account and take money without your permission?

if your owing the back like you have an over withdrawn account yeah they can take what you owe to them out of any account you have with their bank Usually after several attempts to contact you/collect the funds the bank will exercise what is called the right of setoff. Which is a federal law saying that they can take funds out of any account that you are listed as an owner and collect for an overdrawn account.

Can a lawyer look into your checking account?

No one, not even a lawyer, can look into your checking account (or any of your bank accounts) without your permission or a court order.